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Is Mosca the True Comic Hero in Volpone: the Fox?



Words: 1402 (6 pages)

Volpone, written by Ben Jonson, is about a wealthy con artist who is conned by his ‘parasite’ servant. It can be argued that his servant, Mosca, is the true comic hero of the comedy on account of him being imperative to the cons. The traditional comic hero is one who is able to make the…

Iago and Mosca – a Study in Evil



Words: 2103 (9 pages)

William Shakespeare, the greatest dramatist of his time, personifies evil through the character of Iago in his play ‘Othello’. The play was first performed around 1604-05 and printed in 1622. Whereas Ben Jonson, one of Shakespeare’s contemporaries, portrays a similar character through Mosca in his play ‘Volpone’ which was first performed in the year 1605….

Character’s Speeches and Actions Throughout the Play



Words: 3711 (15 pages)

Some notes as a preface: Whenever one is about to analyze a character’s personality, S/he should take the character’s speeches and actions into consideration throughout the play so as to come up with the almost proper analysis. Q1) Is Volpone a miser or not? Why? Concerning that whether Volpone is a miser or not ,…

A Comic Talk between Portia ans Nerrisa

The Merchant of Venice


Words: 652 (3 pages)

Disguise Theme in three Plays : Il Volpone, The Second Shepherds Play and The Merchant Of Venice It was the 16 century when the idea of disguise started to be used in many plays.. It is used as an escape from the characters personalities and sometimes for comic effect. The disguise becomes very comical as…

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Is Volpone a tragic comedy?
It is also known as black comedy, black humor, morbid humor, or dark humor. It is a play having elements of comedy and tragedy, often involving gloom or morbid satire. Volpone deals with the unpleasant side of human life. Almost all the characters of the play are greedy.
What is the moral of Volpone?
Volpone is a powerful moral study of human greed, foxy cunning, and goatish lust. It is not the traditional form of comedy. It is a play that takes on the form of a comical satire as well as a morality play. It also adapts the features of a fable, and in that it strives to teach a moral.

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