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I’m new to the service – what is GraduateWay.com and how can I use it?

GraduateWay is a student resource that stores thousands and thousands of written projects. Scholars are encouraged to use it looking for essay ideas, research data, paper examples, previously composed book / movie reviews and etc.

Whether you are brainstorming, gathering information or searching for a quick essay solution – we have a dozen of options that are free and ready to be used right away! So rather than searching the web for trillions of random information pieces that confuses you – our texts give your already structured thoughts and pre-chosen facts arranged by more than 250 topics.


Who are the authors of these papers?

All the papers are completed by real students, PhDs and university professors from English-speaking countries around the world. They know how difficult it can be to generate some thoughts or structure ideas for a writing project, so they willingly shared their work as an example to guide and inspire you, fellow colleagues.


Is it legal to use GraduateWay.com?

GraduateWay provides legal educational services to English-speaking students around the world and complies with all international intellectual property and consumer protection requirements.


How can I use information found on GraduateWay.com to write my assignment? Can I copy it?

All the information presented on the website should serve your research purposes only. We are happy if the essays, argumentative texts, speeches, presentations, research projects and analysis we provide help you get an original idea for your own work or give you a fresh view on your topic.

We strongly advise you to cite sources for any piece of information you will find here and decide to use in your own work since plagiarism is an offense in educational system. However, if you choose to rewrite or quote us in your essay – we will be delighted that our work got your interest and appreciation!

GraduateWay.com possesses thousands of original works whose copyright is maintained by its authors who graciously agreed to share their knowledge with you. It’s your honest responsibility to give them credit for their accomplishments when quoting their papers.


How do you guarantee high quality of works presented on GraduateWay.com?

All the essays on GraduateWay.com are presented with a permission of their original authors who completed them for their educational, scientific, research or professional purposes. Since these materials serve informational purposes only, neither GraduateWay nor the author assumes responsibility for mistakes, typos or inaccuracies in the papers. The best value a student can get out of these texts – fresh set of ideas on a particular topic.


Whom is GraduateWay.com for? Is it just for non-achievers?

On the contrary – GraduateWay is a website for those who always strive to improve their writing. The papers you will find here offer you another, a different approach to your topic, and the research you will read gives you more facts to analyze and factor in. GraduateWay is a place for students who are seeking good trusted information sources that can make their written projects better.


Can I have your writers deliver me a sample?

Yes, it is possible. If you like works on our website and want to see your own paper done in the same manner, we can help you find the best writer to generate ideas and research specifically for your needs. Our prices start from as low as $12.90 per page.


Can I pay for your additional services if I am not a USA resident?

Of course! As long as you have an international credit card (Visa or MasterCard) you can place an order and have a writer draft a text just for you. We use world’s most sophisticated confidentiality and data encryption systems, which guarantees the safety of your personal and bank information.

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