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Fulmer Spices Questionnaire Sample

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1. Make you hold any jobs kiping?Merely if I am holding bosom burn. Not normally though.2. Make you cognize what makes it hard for you to kip? I can’t sleep with loud noises or bright visible radiations.3. How many hours a dark do you kip? Anywhere from 8-10 hours.Problems with Eating and Feeding1. Make you hold a job cutting up nutrient or utilizing utensils?I have occasional jobs cutting meat.2. Make you hold any hurting when you get down?No.

3. Make you prefer nutrient with a softer consistence?Yes. it is easier to masticate with dental plates.4. Make you hold dental plates?Yes. a full set of dental plates.Incontinence1. Make you hold control over your vesica and bowels?I have really small control over vesica.2. How frequently do you urinate?Every 2-3 hours and sometimes one time during the dark.3. When you have the impulse to urinate. make you hold to travel right off or do you hold clip to acquire up and travel? I have really small clip between the impulse coming and traveling to the bathroom.

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Fulmer Spices Questionnaire Sample
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Do you believe I wear Jockey shortss for merriment? ( Laughs ) Confusion

Make you of all time experience confused?Sometimes in the center of the dark when I get up to utilize the washroom. What causes this confusion?I think being half awake and tired.Evidence of Falls1. Have you of all time fallen?Yes.2. When was your last autumn?A few hebdomads ago. when I was rinsing my custodies in my bathroom. My roomie had to acquire aid for me. ( After interview. I confirm with RN that occupants last autumn was January 17. 2012 )3. Make you utilize assistive devices to ambulate?

Yes. a Walker and a wheel chair.4. How many people do you necessitate to acquire out of bed and acquire ready for the twenty-four hours? One other individual.Skin Breakdown1. Make you hold jobs with your tegument?I have an ulcer on my leg that keeps starting up. ( Points to compensate lower leg )2. Make you utilize any lotions?No. I prefer pulverizations to lotion.3. Make you hold skin sensitiveness. like contusing or waterlessness?I bruise easy. ( Shows me contuse on upper thorax from most recent fall. )

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