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My Most Memorable Trip The summer going into my eighth grade year, me and my family took a trip to the beautiful state of Hawaii - Informative Essay introduction. We went to three different islands and stayed three nights on each island. So the trip took us two weeks. Honolulu was the first island we went to. We stayed on Waikiki Beach. Waikiki Beach is the most famous beach in Hawaii. Waikiki Beach is known for its spectacular surfing. Many movies have been filmed on this beach over the years. We stayed at the world famous Royal Hawaiian Hotel which has also been the host site for many Hawaiian movies.

While we were in Honolulu we learned how to surf and we visited Pearl Harbor. Surfing I think was the hardest thing I have ever done but it was still so much fun. I think I got up at least once however it didn’t last for long as a huge wave wiped me out. My brother got up every time. He was much better than myself and became very good. Our next visit was Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was awesome to see because of all the old tools they used during the war. Pearl Harbor was a very educational stop on our trip. We learned the history of events leading up to the unexpected bombing of this American military base.

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While at Pearl Harbor we toured the museum and watched a video of the actual bombing. We then visited a memorial to the many American soldiers killed in the bombing. We toured a submarine and took a ferry to board the sunken Missouri ship which still entombed many soldiers. Our final evening in Honolulu we attended a native Luau. We were entertained by Hawaiian hula dancers and fire twirling men. We also watched the Hawaiian men climb coconut trees with their bare feet and hands and paddle hand carved canoes. Finally we enjoyed a meal of roasted pig which cooked all day in the ground. This may have been the highlight of our stay in Honolulu.

The next island on our stop was the Big Island of Hawaii. We had to fly to the big island so we had to pack up our suitcases again which of course did not enjoy but it was worth it once we got to the next island. While we were on the big island of Hawaii we went to North Shore Beach which is one of the premier surfing beaches. We also swam a good distance into the surf and then climbed a huge rock formation. From there we jumped into the ocean. It was very scary however very exhilarating once we were submerged in the cold Pacific Ocean. The waves were gigantic and very fun to swim in.

We then returned to our rental car and began to drive around the island. Our next stop was the Dole Pineapple Plantation. We were able to tour the pineapple fields and learned how they were grown, harvested, and processed. We learned at that time the Pole Company were planning to relocate the pineapple operation out the State of Hawaii. This decision was sad economic and employment news to the state. After we left the plantation we then began to drive around the remaining part of the island. Our last stop was to tour a live and active volcano which was very exciting. Our last stop of the trip was the island of Maui.

Maui turned out to be my favorite island of the trip. I thought Maui was the most beautiful island we visited. The landscape was very tropical with its thousands if not millions of palm trees everywhere you went. We saw many beautiful waterfalls which we swam in when allowed by the park service. The second day of our Maui stay we woke up at four in the morning to take an excursion. Our excursion was a van ride up to the highest mountain point in Hawaii. We were actually up in the clouds. From this point we saw the most beautiful sunrise a person could ever see. To your surprise the temperature on the top was thirty-four degrees in July.

We were shocked and totally unprepared for this extreme weather change. We were pleasantly surprised when the sun rose and the weather became very warm. From this point we all rode bikes twenty miles down the mountain to a wonderful picnic lunch. We spent the final day of our trip just enjoying beautiful Maui beach. The next day we began our long trip home. We flew back to Honolulu and spent the night. We woke very early the next morning and flew to Los Angeles. From Los Angeles we flew to Miami. When we finally arrived in Labelle I was very exhausted however I was able to create wonderful memories to last my entire life.

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