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I am now accepting pre-orders for REH: Two-Gun Raconteur #14 - Pre-Order REH: Two-Gun Raconteur #14 Today Essay introduction. Orders will ship the week of June 13th.

In addition to the rare Howard story “The Curly Wolf of Sawtooth,” issue #14 also features five articles and essays by Howard scholars Mark Finn, David Hardy, Brian Leno, Brian Murphy and Simon Sanahujas.

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The issue also includes great artwork by Bill Cavalier, Bob Covington, Stephen Fabian, John Lucas, Didier Normand, Richard Pace, Terry Pavlet, Michael L. Peters, Robert Sankner and others.

Of particular interest is Mark Finn’s  “The Old Time Radio Adventures of Sailor Steve Costigan,” which details the creative process involved adapting several of Howard’s “Sailor” Steve Costigan stories into radio plays by the Violet Crown Radio Players of Austin, Texas.  The group also presented Novalyne Price Ellis’ radio play, “Day of the Stranger” over the airwaves. Here is the opening of Mark’s article:

The room is dark, lit only by the warm glow of a radio dial. You hear a hiss of ambient noise, and then a crackling burst of static. Finally, you hear the dim, tinny strains of music, a swinging and up-tempo instrumental version of “Nagasaki.” The announcer starts talking, in a smooth and buttery voice, “Anchors aweigh, and prepare to come about! It’s time, once again, for the Adventures of Sailor Steve Costigan, the prize-fighter from Texas with a heart of gold, fists of steel, and a head full of rocks…”

Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Alas, it never quite happened in Robert E. Howard’s time.

You can read the rest of Mark’s article and much more in issue #14.  Don’t procrastinate, pre-order your copy today and keep in mind the print-run is only 200 copies, so they won’t be around very long.

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