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Psychology , Neurons And Such

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Nervous system
1. Made up of neurons
2. Charles levinthal defined neurons as “a special cell designed to transmit and receive signals either in relation to the environment or other neurons”
Structure of a neuron
Neuron is made up of
* Axon-transmits msgs to other neurons
* Dendrite-specialised to receive signals from other neurons
* Soma-cell body that contains everything that neuron needs to survive (mitochondria,neucleus,cytoplasm)
* Mylyn seath-fat covering the axon it acts as an insulator
* Axon hillock-joining point of the axon to the soma
* Axon collateral
* Telo dendria
* 50% of the neurons have fat protein covering called mylyn seath
* Mylinated axons carry info faster than normal neurons , these carry messages to distant parts of the body
Neuronal communication
Three ways in which neurons communicate with each other:
* Neurona-neuron b
* End foot a –soma B
* End foot A –dendrite spine B
* End foot A –some part of axon B

* Transmission is never direct
* Always through a gap called the synaptic cleft
* Which is 2/100^th of a micron
* The end foot of an axon and receiving portion of another neuron is called a synapse
* Synapse is the functional gap betwn two neurons
* Multiple sclerosis deteriorates the mylyn seath
* Usually impulses travel in a Dendrite-cell body-axon direction
* Some substances such as nutrients for nourishment of the neucleus move in the opposite direction

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Psychology , Neurons And Such
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* Nerve impulse transmission
* Within neuron communication is electrical –electrical communication
* Between neurons communication is chemical-chemical transmission

* IN
* Message travels as an electrical impulse
* Single direction
* Neuron is either on or off never in betwn
* If the stimulus has sufficient intensity it triggers theurons then it fires
* Increased intensity does not make it fire at a.

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