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What Is Paradise Lost About?


The epic poem, Paradise Lost, is about the fall of man from a state of innocence and grace into a state of sin and misery.

How Does Of Mice And Men End?


The novel ends with George shooting Lennie in the back of the head, out of mercy for his friend. This is because Lennie is going to be killed by the other men on the ranch for accidentally killing Curley’s wife.

How Many Different Endings Did Dickens Actually Write for Great Expectations?


there are actually 8 different endings that dickens wrote for great expectations. however, only 6 of them were ever published.

Who Is Henry Foster in Brave New World?


Henry Foster is a Hatchery worker in Brave New World. He is responsible for the fertilization of the eggs and the conditioning of the embryos.

Who Is Curley in Of Mice And Men?


Curley is one of the main characters in the novel Of Mice and Men. He is the son of the ranch owner, and he is married to Curley’s wife.

How Was Linton Taken To Wuthering Heights?


Linton was taken to Wuthering Heights by his father, Heathcliff.

Who Is Safie in Frankenstein?


Safie is a beautiful and intelligent young woman who is forced to leave her home and family in Algeria to live in Europe.

What Influenced Steinbeck To Write Of Mice And Men?


The novel was influenced by Steinbeck’s own experiences as a migrant worker in California. He was also influenced by the Great Depression, which was happening when he wrote the novel.

Why Is Pride And Prejudice a Classic?


Pride and Prejudice is a classic because it is a timeless story about love and family. The characters are relatable and the themes are universal.

Who Does Squealer Represent in Animal Farm?


Squealer represents the propaganda machine of the Soviet Union. He is able to convince the other animals that whatever Napoleon says is right, even if it goes against what they previously thought.

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