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What Is One Overarching Topic Found In Frankenstein?


The overarching topic found in Frankenstein is that of science and its potential to do harm.

Why Did Frankenstein Create The Monster?


Frankenstein created the monster in an attempt to play God and create life. However, the monster turned out to be a hideous creature that terrified Frankenstein.

Who Is The Real Monster In Frankenstein?


The real monster in Frankenstein is the doctor who created him.

Despite What Is Depicted In Popular Culture Frankenstein Is The Name Of?


Despite what is depicted in popular culture, Frankenstein is the name of the doctor, not the monster.

What Do Victor and Walton Have In Common In Frankenstein?


Both Victor and Walton are driven by a desire to achieve something great.

What Is The Theme of Frankenstein?


The theme of Frankenstein is the dangers of playing with nature.

Where Does Frankenstein Take Place?


The novel Frankenstein is set in Geneva, Switzerland, and Ingolstadt, Germany.

Who Is Ernest In Frankenstein?


Ernest is Victor Frankenstein’s best friend. He is also Elizabeth Lavenza’s fiancé.

Who Is Justine In Frankenstein?


Justine is a young girl who is accused of a crime she did not commit. She is put on trial and is found guilty, even though she pleads her innocence.

What Natural Phenomena Influenced Frankenstein?


The novel Frankenstein is set in the Swiss Alps and the Arctic Circle, which means that the natural phenomena of these places would have influenced the novel. For example, the cold weather and the isolation would have made it difficult for the characters to survive.

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