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Utilitarianism Essay Topics & Ideas

✒️ Utilitarianism Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. A Critique of Utilitarianism
  2. Abortion and the Theory of Act Utilitarianism
  3. Abortion from a Kantian and Utilitarianism Perspective
  4. Act and Rule Utilitarianism
  5. Act and Rule Utilitarianism in Decision Process
  6. An Introduction to the Analysis of Utilitarianism
  7. Analysis of News Article Using Act Utilitarianism and Kant’s Categorical Imperative Essay (Article)
  8. Analyzing the Differences between Utilitarianism and Libertarianism: Ethical Issues and Moral Judgments Research
  9. Animal Experimentation/ Testing on a Utilitarianism View Essay (Critical Writing)
  10. Applying the Utilitarianism Theory: Case Study
  11. Bentham’s Act Utilitarianism can be used in making
  12. Capital Punishment: Utilitarianism and Retributivism Theories
  13. Case Study: Rule Utilitarianism or Act Utilitarianism?
  14. Compare and Contrast Utilitarianism with Christian Ethics
  15. Comparing Utilitarianism with Immanuel Kant’s View
  16. Comparison of Deontology with Utilitarianism and Virtue
  17. Concept of Utilitarianism Theory
  18. Defensive Approach: Utilitarianism
  19. Deontology Versus Utilitarianism in Everyday Life
  20. Deontology Versus Utilitarianism in Terms of Morality in One’s Actions
  21. Deontology vs Utilitarianism Ethics
  22. Deontology vs Utilitarianism in Medicine: Rinat Dray Case Research
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✨ Best utilitarianism Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Comparison between Utilitarianism and Idealism
    Idealism would be a better theory for a society with highly intellectual people, and that a combination of this theory would be the best way for our society to evolve from the level of the “is” to the level of the “ought” Plat’s way to go from the “….
  2. The Divine Command Theory Cultural Relativism Kantian and Utilitarianism
    However, Jim is a foreigner and is honored by the captain. Because of this special occasion, Pedro gives Jim the option to shoot and kill one Indian. If Jim accepts, the other nineteen Indians can go free, if not, Pedro will shoot all twenty like ….
  3. Dostoevsky and Dickens’ Criticism of the Social Effects of Industrialization and Utilitarianism
    Dickens and Dostoevsky both critique the social effects of industrialisation and utilitarianism, though each has a different approach and a slightly different focus. Dickens employs parody, satire and caricature to ridicule the effects of the new ….
  4. Deontology and Utilitarianism
    Describe the main principles of the two normative ethical theories of deontology and utilitarianism. Compare and contrast the two theories, bringing out any problems or limitations you see in each. INTRODUCTION:- Bioethicists ask these questions in ….
  5. A Dilemma and My Solution Based On Utilitarianism Ethical Model
    Many people from all walks of life have trouble making decisions in their everyday lives, especially on tough or critical situations that may even involve life and death considerations. To address this issue, there are four ethical models and four ….
  6. Utilitarianism Is Attempting to Do the Greatest Good For the Greatest Number of People
    Many people weigh the advantages and disadvantages of alternatives when making significant decisions. They create mental balance sheets listing the pluses and minuses of each course of action. When it’s a particularly important choice, such as ….
  7. Definition of Utilitarianism
    Given that all sound moral theories are multifaceted outlines for the best methods of action for humanity, we all have our opinions as to which of these theories are valid and which are not. Moreover, given that the innate nature of ethics is ….
  8. Utilitarianism and Deontology
    Utilitarianism and Deontology Kambua Medical Consultants Ltd, a firm which offers medical consultations is the Company of focus. The doctors in this firm are faced with several ethical issues which will be judged whether they are morally right or ….
  9. Act Utilitarianism Is Associated With Jeremy Bentham
    The basic foundation answering what is considered good, would lead to a consequentialist answer that is anything producing a net amount of pleasure or happiness. All people seek happiness so this is the ideal mechanism that determines morality. ….
  10. Utilitarianism and Christianity’s Points of Convergence
    Pain suffering and death lie at the heart of the Christian story and for Christians the fundamental question with regards to PAS is what does life in Jesus Christ the one who hang on the cross, suffered and died a not so dignified death enable and ….

✍ Utilitarianism Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Describe the main strengths and weaknesses of Utilitarianism
  2. Discussion of Utilitarianism in The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas
  3. Elements of Utilitarianism as a Philosophical Theory
  4. Ethics of Divorce: Deontology and Utilitarianism Research
  5. Ethics of Relativism, Utilitarianism and Libertarianism Term
  6. Ethics, Euthanasia and Canadian Law. Utilitarianism Theory, Morality
  7. Euthanasia: Kantianism vs Utilitarianism
  8. Existence of God and Utilitarianism
  9. Explain Benthams Utilitarianism
  10. Firestone Recall Ethics: Utilitarianism
  11. Flight 93 and Utilitarianism in Times of Crisis
  12. Hard Times and Utilitarianism
  13. Humanity Theories: Utilitarianism
  14. Ilustrations of Utilitarianism
  15. In conclusion one of Dickens’ purposes of writing ‘Hard Times’ was to make a social comment about the idea of utilitarianism in the teaching system
  16. Introduction to the Utilitarianism Theory
  17. Jeremy Bentham and The Foundation of Utilitarianism
  18. Kant’s Critique of Utilitarianism Ethics
  19. Kantianism and Utilitarianism
  20. Key Features of Utilitarianism
  21. Limitations of Utilitarianism Essay (Critical Writing)
  22. Main Strengths of Mill’s Utilitarianism
  23. Main Strengths of Mill’s Utilitarianism
  24. Measurement Theory And The Foundations Of Utilitarianism
  25. Media Ethics: Towards Employing Utilitarianism and Kantian Theory in Examining Practical Ethical Issues
  26. Michael Sandel’s Objections to Utilitarianism Essay (Book Review)
  27. Mill’s Utilitarianism in “Those Who Walk Away from Omelas”
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Argumentative Essay Topics About Utilitarianism

  1. Objections to Utilitarianism
  2. Outline the Main Principles of Utilitarianism
  3. Peter Singer and John Rawls on Utilitarianism
  4. Philosophical Concepts of Act and Rule Utilitarianism
  5. Philosophy Issues: Kantianism and Utilitarianism
  6. Philosophy Issues: Utilitarianism or Deontology?
  7. Principles of Utilitarianism Essay (Critical Writing)
  8. Reflection on Ethical Theories: Utilitarianism and Deontology
  9. Resolving The Discrepancies in Mill’s Preference-based Utilitarianism
  10. Retributivism and Utilitarianism Theories
  11. Robert Nozick’ Ideas about Utilitarianism
  12. Rule Utilitarianism on Global Warming
  13. Sandel’s Analysis of Utilitarianism and Libertarianism
  14. Strengths and Weaknesses in Utilitarianism Theory
  15. Strengths and Weaknesses of Utilitarianism
  16. The Application of the Principle of Utilitarianism in Explaining the Death Penalty
  17. The Difference Between Act and Rule Utilitarianism
  18. The Lifeboat Case And Utilitarianism
  19. The Main Risks of Utilitarianism
  20. The Singer Solution to World Poverty and Utilitarianism
  21. The Theory Of Utilitarianism
  22. The Theory of Utilitarianism in the Global E-Commerce Business Dealings

Good Essay Topics About Utilitarianism

  1. The Utilitarianism Theory
  2. The Utilitarianism Theory in Society
  3. Understanding Moral Relativism and Utilitarianism
  4. Utilitarianism – Act and Rule
  5. Utilitarianism & Social Contract in Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well
  6. Utilitarianism and Abortion
  7. Utilitarianism and Business Ethics
  8. Utilitarianism and Deontology in The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas
  9. Utilitarianism and Deontology: The Case of Coca Cola
  10. Utilitarianism and Drugs
  11. Utilitarianism and Ethical Relativism
  12. Utilitarianism and Euthanasia
  13. Utilitarianism and Gay Marriage
  14. Utilitarianism and Genetic Engineering
  15. Utilitarianism and Happiness
  16. Utilitarianism and Hedonism as Philosophical Theories
  17. Utilitarianism and Human Resource Management Argumentative
  18. Utilitarianism and Kant′s Theory
  19. Utilitarianism and Natural law theories
  20. Utilitarianism and Social Contract Theories
  21. Utilitarianism and The 13th Amendment
  22. Utilitarianism as a Teleological Theory
  23. Utilitarianism as an Ethical Principle
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Persuasive Essay Topics About Utilitarianism

  1. Utilitarianism Critique From Kantian Perspective
  2. Utilitarianism Ethics and Deontological Approach
  3. Utilitarianism Ethics in Michael Sandel’s Video
  4. Utilitarianism in Government Term
  5. Utilitarianism in Ron Paul’s Rhetoric
  6. Utilitarianism in The Novel Crime and Punishment
  7. Utilitarianism Theory Application in Duelling Dilemma Report
  8. Utilitarianism Theory by Jeremy Bentham
  9. Utilitarianism theory Case Study
  10. Utilitarianism Vs Deontology: a Case Study
  11. Utilitarianism vs Kantianism – moral assistance
  12. Utilitarianism vs Libertarianism: Examples and Facts
  13. Utilitarianism vs. Moral Relativism
  14. Virtue Ethics: Kantianism and Utilitarianism
  15. Virtue Theory In Utilitarianism Ethics
  16. Virtue Theory, Utilitarianism and Deontological Ethics
  17. Williams and Utilitarianism
Purpose: Utilitarians believe that the purpose of morality is to make life better by increasing the amount of good things (such as pleasure and happiness) in the world and decreasing the amount of bad things (such as pain and unhappiness).
Origin: The origins of Utilitarianism are often traced back to the Epicureanism of the followers of the Greek philosopher Epicurus. It can be argued that David Hume and Edmund Burke were proto-Utilitarians. But as a specific school of thought, it is generally credited to the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham.
Elements: Utilitarian theories generally share four elements: consequentialismconsequentialismEtymology. The term consequentialism was coined by G. E. M. Anscombe in her essay "Modern Moral Philosophy" in 1958, to describe what she saw as the central error of certain moral theories, such as those propounded by Mill and Sidgwick. › ConsequentialismConsequentialism - Wikipedia, welfarism, impartiality, and aggregationism. Classical utilitarianism is distinctive because it accepts two additional elements: first, hedonism as a theory of well-being; second, the total view of population ethics.

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