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Another example is the manner in which the dog was treated. She fee connection to the animal as it reminded her of her brother, however kept it o n a short leash as this was the agreement made when the dog bit someone. Some knee w the dog was told old and feeble to cause harm to anyone, but she still provided it with a simple diet and kept it chained up. Joe Daggers is the complete opposite of Louisa Ellis. He is a risk taker which is e evident by his choice to establish himself financially. The canary going crazy and him k mocking over her work basket symbolize the chaos he represents. As Ellis did not want to marry Joe Daggers. She may have at one time, but t hat was long ago. She is independent and set in her ways. She did not welcome the chi ass this union would bring. It would be disruptive to her routine and the lifestyle she h become accustomed to. However, as she is a rule follower, she made a com tenement and was willing to stick to it. Over hearing that conversation provided her with the window of opportunity she needed. She was able to see the Joe felt the same and they were both willing to move ahead out of obligation. Is Louisa “noble” in giving up Joe? I don’t think so.

While she gave upkeep, it WA already established he could not have what he truly wanted, Lily Dyer. She GA eve up Joe as it was the right thing to do for the both of them. The last line summarizes how she was happy and content in the life she had b lilt for herself. Surrounded by chaos, she was able to establish routines that gave he r control of her life. She would rather spend her remaining days alone and happy versus s being trapped in a marriage out of obligation. Louisa is a very well to do and routines lady. She seems to have anxious tend incises and uses her cleaning and precise placement of objects as a way to gain normalcy.

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She keeps her house and her life in order as a way to stay busy and cope with the broke n relationship. She enjoys her life the way it is, and seems to wait for the day Joe comes homo e. Through all the stress she knows she made a commitment to him, and for a long time WA s not able to see him. I do believe when he finally arrived, it was a bit Of a shock and became h rd to handle. For example when Joe moves everything out of place, she seems to take the b ask and put it back where it belongs. This is apart of her nervous habits, and a need to keep the scheduled ordered life.

All of her feelings from the past seemed to rush through her min d, and she was unsure of the changes that were about to happen. She stayed true to her away tied husband. These things that she did would emulate that of the how a nun may live, free and pure. The dog being chained up resembles the lifestyle she has. She is restricted to the r outing she created, like the dog is restricted to the chain. The chain is a symbol of the SSH rot leash she keeps herself on, as a way to cope. I do think there is a resemblance between the name choice for the dog.

Caesar was a strong ruler who played a big role in the shift room the Roman republic to the Roman Empire. The dog has a strong name, yet is chaw Ned up, much like how Louisa is a very strong and independent women who is restricted to her fiance Joe Daggers, even without his presence. Joe Daggers was inadvertently different from his wife. He traveled and tried to do things on his own. He left for so many years, in an attempt to find himself, and work. De spite the the courtship, Joe comes back to Louisa for multiple reasons. He has a sense of g lilt, and also wanted his life to be his own, and go his way.

In order to do so, this means he needs to keep remises and break paths with those who have no benefit to him. His actions do speak louder than his words, although his conversations with Lily were key to Louisa accept inning his return. He was very different from Louisa, and those differences are hard to accept oaf term many years. Louisa made a decision based on what was best for not only herself but Joe. A t some point in time they were in love and happy. When Joe returns he clearly has a different take On how one should be living, than what Louisa has. Louisa has a lot of unspoken feel nags, and I believe the ending is a sense of relief.

She has a new beginning ahead of her, here she is no longer caged, and is somewhat engulfed in her own love of organization a ND routine. There is a sense of peace within this story. The beginning there is a peaceful lull in Louisa life from the constant routines and orderly disposition. When Joe arrives there e is tension in the air. The tension in the air is relieved, and Louisa is able to soon become who s he truly has been and not worry. Louisa is not only very unique, but she is also set in her ways. She has a daily r outing and chores she enjoys doing to keep herself busy, and feel like she is capable of doing anything Eng.

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