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A tragic hero is defined as one who through choice

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    or circumstance is caught up in a sequence of events that inevitably results in disaster. Brutus, because of his actions and behaviors in the The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, is considered a tragic hero. He does a number of things that brings his own tragedy such as letting Mark Antony speak to the crowd in the streets and trusting that all noble men are as honorable as he is, putting away his conscious and letting in to peer pressure with joining the conspiracy and killing Caesar, and committing suicide. Brutus makes a big mistake when he lets Mark Antony speak to the people after he speaks. He believes that Antony is honorable enough not to rally the people against the man that just killed his best friend. Brutus must realize that not all noble men are as honorable as he. Even Cassius warns him and says You know not what you do; do not consent That Antony speak in the funeral. Know you how much the people may be moved By that which he will utter? (III,i,232-234). This exemplifies himself as being a tragic hero because this clearly shows that he contributes to his own demise.

    Brutus sees no justification for killing Caesar. He mentally goes through in his soliloquy (II,i,10-34) to see if he has any hard evidence to justify the conspiracy for the assassination of Caesar, but finds that Caesar posses no traits to justify his killing.He lets the conspirators against his conscious, convince him that the assassination was necessary. By refusing his inner conscious, this makes Brutus a tragic hero.

    In the end, Brutus can no longer stand living. He realizes that he is wrong in killing Caesar in saying Caesar, now be still; I killed not thee with half so good a will.

    (V,v,50-51) and must pay the ultimate price. So he decides to run upon a sword. This obviously contributes to his own demise because he kills himself, thus ending his life. Obviously a tragic hero must die in the drama so this is an important factor of Brutus being a tragic hero, but also this shows where Brutus contributes to his own demise because he took his own life.

    Brutus is a tragic hero. On many occasions he did things that contributed to his own disaster and demise. For one, he let Mark Antony speak to the public. He ignores his inner conscious, he knew that the killing was wrong but yet he got caught up in the events and sided with the conspirators. And, when he knows hes wrong he kills himself. These all add to the fact that Brutus is a tragic hero.

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