An Opinion on the Pros and Cons of Playing Online Games

Today, people do lot of things to make themselves happy such as shopping, playing sports, food trip, or either playing online games. Online games are now liked by most of the people. Many people can play some online games such as the trending nowadays e.g. LOL (League of Legends) in pc or MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) in mobile phones. Playing online games helps us to lessen our stress and to relax. Do you agree that online games can be good for you? Well on my own insight I’m agree with this not because I’m a gamer but because in some reasons it make me happy, and also I believe that it can bring some advantages to me such as it improve my mental skills and tactics where I can apply in my daily lives but not too much because playing online games also can lead you to addiction where addiction can lead to a risk. Some researcher says “It improves technology abilities of kids”. Kids play a lot of online games which improves their technological abilities which is very crucial in today’s world. This will surely help them because in today’s workforce, computer literacy and internet are the basic skills which are necessary and also playing team games helps the kids to learn how to cooperate in a team. They get to learn how other people think and what are their abilities and skills. They will meet different kinds of people and will learn how to deal with them which are essential to fulfil particular roles in life be it a game or real world. As a person we have the freedom to do everything for us to be happy and also playing online games improve our mental skills and strategy that we can do here in real world. Along with the advantages, there’s also a disadvantages of playing online games, online games can be very addictive, and the addiction can seriously have a negative influence on the physical and mental health. Online game is an indoor activity.

Therefore, spending a lot of time playing games can lead to some health problem like headache, short-sightedness, stress, absent mindedness and etc. Gamers earn billion of money in just one day. In fact, through online gaming we can be a billionaire. According to some research, 6 out of 10 of gamers now are millionaire including Euneil “Staz” Javinas a Filipino online gamer, who went home with a 25-kilogram trophy and $150,000 (about P7 million) in prize money. Do you want to be a millionaire like him? Almost 76% of the people in the Philippines are gamers and already change their life and proved that playing online/offline games can be a solution to escape poverty. As of my conclusion I’m agree that online games are good for you for some reasons. Online games are good, because it brings a lot of advantages where you can apply in your social and everyday life as long as you know your limitations, because it also brings the disadvantages as well.

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