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In the 2002 Spiderman superhero film (based on a Marvel Comics character), Peter Parker, a nerdy and shy teenager, is adopted by his uncle and aunt after losing his parents as a young boy. He leads a life full of failures and frustration until an unexpected event takes place when he discovers that he has developed spider-like senses and super-human abilities, following a bite by a genetically enhanced spider. Peter tries using his powers for personal gain until a cold-hearted thief murders his uncle, and he decides to use his gift only for the benefit of society and undertakes the superhero identity of Spiderman. Throughout the film, Peter’s desire to win Mary Jane’s heart, the girl of his dreams is one of his primary goals; however, As the movie nears its end, Mary falls for him, but Peter rejects her offer and misses his opportunity of a happy ever after. As a sensitive teen, leading a lifetime of disappointment, Peter finds the inner strength to cope with his weaknesses, decides to forgo his aspiration of being with the girl he loves, and makes personal sacrifices just to help other people. Bearing such costs, selflessly, is what concludes his transformation and reinforces his character into a victorious superhero.

Peter discovers inner strength to cope through his difficulties of growing up as an unfortunate orphan, who is laughed at by his classmates and having to avoid bullies at school. He portrays himself as a weak person and has no expectations to escape his destiny of bad luck. Following his encounter with the spider, his thought process begins to shift, empowering him to face his weaknesses, his fears, and even take on risks; Thus, developing superior coping skills necessary for a hero.

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His superhero abilities are revealed through the sacrifice he makes for Mary Jane; Peter understands that superpowers and physical strength are not the characteristics that define a superhero. Even after all the suffering he endures, he inflicts more pain on himself by not fulfilling his dream of spending his life with her, only to keep her safe and out of harm’s way, illustrated through prioritizing her wellbeing over his own happiness. This defying moment is both heartbreaking and inspiring as Peter shows us that being a real hero is not about having it all but instead making self-sacrifices to protect the people we love.

Choosing to do the right thing, especially when facing temptations, shows a real superhero character. Spiderman exposes his unlimited power when he makes the right decision to channel his abilities for good and help people in need. Losing his uncle ignites the flame of kindness that was dwelling in his heart. He looks beyond his suffering from bullies and his life of failure and chooses not to use his new-found gifts for personal gain or revenge. This decision develops him into a responsible adult and a beloved superhero, one who always tries to do the right thing even when it is hard.

Peter Parker’s character follows a life journey that resonates with the audience. Unlike other superhero films, the hardships he faces are typical of what many individuals must deal with during their life. Watching him develop the courage to cope, protect the ones dear to him, and overcome severe temptations, illustrates moments one may experience in the real world; Where our internal strength reveals itself when we need it most. Furthermore, like this movie, the moments we tend to remember are the aftermath of our battles, not the pain itself. Peter’s evolution is not about swinging on webs and saving the day. But his real power lies in his ability of choice and using it to better society as a whole.

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