Basic Methods for Making a Sculpture

Casting is known as
Indirect method
Mixing two primary colors produces a
Secondary color
Which work of art tells the story of a man who was murdered in his bath
The death of Marat
What separates the art object from the craft object
No definite line, but in crafts, special emphasis on materials used
In Neoplatonic thought, the biblical character Eve was identified with
When did Northern European artist begin using the system of linear perspective
75 years after it was developed
For basic methods for making a sculpture
Modeling casting carving assembling
Forging is the art of which profession
The technique in which colored yarn for son into existing woven background is called
Serigraphy means, literally,
Silk writing
Abbot suger’s church near Paris, St. Denis, is the first what kind of church ever built
What is the most common way to Shape a hollow glass vessel
Isenheim altarpiece, with it’s gruesome details of Christ’s flesh wounds, originally hung where
A hospital for patients with skin disease
The movement the divided all of Europe into Protestant and Catholic campus called
Which of the visual elements can best be described as the path of a moving point
In art, shapes of suggest forms found in nature are called
Organic shapes
One of the effects of the Renaissance was to change the status of artist in Europe from what to what
From skilled crafts to intellectuals
Wood is not very durable for sculpture because
Cold and heat distort it , water rots it, insects eat it
In painting and drawing Artist often use what technique to describe the way shadows and light to find the mass of forms
Paintings depicting scenes of every day life are known as
Genre paintings
The bronze head of an Akkadian ruler is a rare example of what in ancient art
What destroyed the Roman colonies of Pompeii and Herculaneum and 79 CE
Volcanic corruption
A true art was developed by what architects long before Romans came up with the idea
The arts and Crafts movement came about as a reaction to
Industrial Revolution
King tutankhamum’s tomb was discovered in 1922 by whom
Howard Carter
What are characteristics of typical Italian baroque art
Emotion, energy, movement, ornamentation, theatric
The ancient Egyptians developed a standard set of proportion to use to create images of the correct and perfect human, as have many cultures both ancient and modern. The set up for portions was created using
squared grid
In Egyptian art,the convention of representing social importance my size for example where the Pharaoh show much larger than the subject is known as
Hierarchal scale
In sculpture what is the most popular modeling material
The sculpture Akhenaten and his family is an example of what technique
Sunken relief
Who is credited with the invention of paper around 5 CE
In art, the design principle of balance functions to
Encourage active participation in work, communicate the works mood and meaning, lead our eyesthe work
In what painting did the artist Duccio pioneer the use of architecture to define space and direct movement
Christ entering Jerusalem
What is the most common drawing media
Graphite pencil
Because Christianity emphasized congregational worship , A fundamental change in what was needed
Architectural design of place of worship
The 20th century master of fresco technique who created the work Mixtec Culture is
Diego Rivera
After building a canvas and before painting it, the painter generally applies a coat of
Like the Greek and Roman predecessors, Byzantine Artist preferred
A flattened, abstract style of art
To ancientpainting media that are still used today
EnCaustic anD fresco
By the 1950s, this new synthetic paint would challenge oils as the principal painting medium
Gothic cathedrals are known for
Stained Glass windows
The four basic print making processes
Relief lithography intaglio screenprinting
The earliest known writing system from what you recorded language developed was the invention of the
Red yellow blue
primary colors
The coloring material in virtually all drawing media is
Pope Julius the second employed which two Italian Renaissance artist to paint frescoes for him
Michelangelo and Rafael
Picasso and Baraque, working side-by-side, glued bits of paper and other objects onto canvas to create
Gothic cathedrals are known for what architect elements
Soaring open spaces, pointed arches, ribbed vaulting, flying buttresses, Stain Glass
In printmaking, we are multiple images are made from the same original design, each individual print is called

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