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Whether it’s the doctor next door, the librarian down the street, or even your parents, there are many people to fit someone’s description as a role model. For many a role model is their favorite sport player, or actor/actress. Does the fame of a well known person change their ability to be a good role model? Should kids even look up to celebrities? There are both positive and negative sides to celebrity role models. As a celebrity you always have someone watching your every move. The negative things done will always outweigh the good.

Just like “regular” people celebrities also make mistakes. The only difference is it’s harder to be forgiven by millions of people versus a few. What people fail to realize is their only human. Celebrities that make positive differences are one’s deserving of the title, “Role model. ” One’s like Oprah that have foundations to better the world. Or the one’s that came from a very unfortunate childhood that strived to do better. Lastly the one’s that didn’t forget where they came from, and didn’t lose themselves when fame came, all deserve to be called “Role models. ”

Of course there are those celebrities that obviously shouldn’t be anyone’s role models, because they need one their selves. Maybe when they were younger they looked up to the wrong person, and went down the wrong path. Possibly lack of true knowledge on celebrities led people to believe they were good. Parents should be able to differentiate good celebrities from bad, and lead their kids in the right direction. It’s good to know plenty of information on your role model so you won’t be disappointed in the long run. Having a famous role model is always cool, but who’s to say that a neighbor can’t give you the same hope or more.

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