chap 1

methamphetamine, crack cocaine, ecstasy, and glue sniffing were given as examples of
the drug du jour
one of the general principles of psychoactive drug use is that
drugs are not good or bad
one of the general principles of psychoactive drugs is that “every drug has”
multiple effects
one of the general principles of psychoactive drug use is that “the effect of any psychoactive drug depends on _____”
the individuals history and expectations
the use of a substance in a manner, amounts, or situations such that the drug causes problems or greatly increases the chances of problems occurring is
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drug use that is not common within a social group and that is disapproved of by the majority, causing members of a group to take corrective action when it occurs, is
deviant drug use
a drug that is unlawful to possess or use is defined in the text as
an illicit drug
drugs have played a significant role in human society
for thousands of years
in the past 100 years, the intro of vaccines to prevent diseases and antibiotics to cure some type of infections laid the foundation for
our acceptance of medicines as the cornerstone our health care system
much of our info about rates of drug use come from survet questionnaires. one important limitation of such questionnaires is
people might not answer honestly
despite the limitations of survey questionnaires, the can be especially informative
if they are done year after year
among college students, fewer than one-forth have ever tried
based on 2 large surveys, it appears that the percentage of young people reporting current marijuana use
is about half the percentage reporting current use in the late 1970’s
when we examine changes over the years in percentage of high school seniors who say they have smoked marijuana, we find a clear inverse (mirror-image) relationship to
perceived risk of harm in using marijuana
the national survey on drug use and health revealed that current alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine use
factors that are correlated with higher rates of drug use are known as
risk factors
one of the most important risk factors for drug use is
having friends who use marijuana or other substances
one of the most important protective factors for drug use is
believing that there are strong sanctions against substance abuse at school
one very consistent finding is that students who report ____ are less likely to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or use any type of illicit drug
having more involvement with religion
according to results from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, which of there ethic groups reports the highest rate of use of alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana?
compared to young adults who finished high school only, those with college degrees
are much more likely to drink alcohol and much less likely to use tobacco
one personality variable that has been constantly associated with higher rates of substance dependence is
high impulsivity
an example of a longitudal study of drug use would be
following the same group of people at intervals over several months or years
in one study, adolescents who smoked cigarettes were about twice as likely as nonsmokers to later use marijuana. for this reason, cigarettes have been referred to as
a gateway substance
some drugs have the effect that, every time you take the drug, you increase slightly the probability that you will take it again. This process is referred to as
which type of factor probably plays a bigger role in determining whether a person will try a drug in the first place, as opposed to determining which of those who try it will become dependent?
individual reaction to drug
suppose a person is prescribed an opiod medication to treat painful injury. but after her injury heals, she takes the drug primarily to feel euphoria. based on this information alone, which term would you use to describe her drug use?
drug misuse
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