Theme of Love in “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte

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Charlotte Bronte s Jane Eyre is about a immature adult female s quest to be loved. Despite all the jeer and humiliation, she undergoes, her belief in herself and in God, conveying her to excel the people who feel they are better than she is. So Jane goes from a immature hapless orphan miss to being a rich happy independent lady because of the people she meets and her demand for self-dependence.

At the beginning of the novel, Jane is populating with her aunt and her cousins. This was one of the worst times of her life. She had many differences to them. by the consciousness of my physical lower status to Eliza, John, and Georgiana Reed.  Jane feels that she is an unattractive miss, because of the many reactions she gets from others. She is besides set upon a different societal category than her cousins. And you ought non to believe yourself on an equality with Misses and Master Reed  they have a great trade of money, and you will hold none. It is your topographic point to be more low. Within the first few chapters Jane show s her demand to go forth her alleged household. After all the maltreatment, she eventually learns to rebell. Accustomed to John Reeds maltreatment, I ne’er had an thought of answering to it. Jane battles back against John s maltreatment. She besides rebels against Miss Reeds. She is strong and stands up for her beliefs. You think I have no feeling, and that I can make without one love or kindness … but you are bad: hardhearted. You are fallacious.

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This makes Mrs. Reeds feel Jane is a menace to her. As, a consequence Mrs. Reed sends her to Lowood. Here, Jane meets one of her wise mans, Helen Burns. Helen teaches Jane to forgive and non to keep scores. Helen gives Jane grounds for Mrs. reeds maltreatment and attempts to carry Jane to forgive Mrs. Reed. I live in composure, looking to the terminal. Although, Jane does non take to Helen s ways wholly, we see her steadily germinate more and more like Helen Burns. When Jane confronts Mrs., Reed on her deathbed, you can see Helen s impact on Jane, she forgives Mrs. Reed. At Lowood Jane becomes a instructor at the age of 18. Later she comes to recognize there is nil left for her at Lowood. She sets out to happen a occupation. She finds one at Thornfield.

At Thornfield, Jane meets the adult male that will alter her life, Rochester, as a governess. At first, she has does non hold a good feeling on Rochester there was so much unconscious pride in his port. Rochester makes Jane experience really uncomfortable. Jane with her witty comments and great thoughts makes Rochester autumn in love with her. However, Jane starts to hold really assorted feelings about him. She looked at him as an graven image. I both wished and feared to see Mr. Rochester. She inside felt love for him. I wanted to hear his voice once more, yet I feared to run into his eyes. Timebase on balls and they.

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