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Discovery Essay Topics & Ideas

✒️ Argumentative Essay Topics About Discovery

  1. A grotesque discovery
  2. A Passion Flower: Properties and Story of Discovery
  3. A research on how Reading Discovery can be implemented at Sakastew School Proposal
  4. A Self Discovery Journey Education
  5. Age of discovery in Europe Research
  6. Age of Discovery in European History
  7. Alice’s Adventure of Self Discovery in Wonderland
  8. American History: Europeans’ Discovery and Expansion
  9. An Overview of Radiography as a Science. The Discovery of X-rays
  10. Analysis of “European Discovery of America” by Todorov
  11. Ancient Warming in Antarctica: Astronomical Discovery
  12. Barnes & Noble: Discovery and Utilization of Strategic Assets
  13. Biomedical Discovery of DNA Structure
  14. Blackberries: Properties and Story of Discovery
  15. Breaking Down The Wall: Catherine and Haretons Discovery of Love
  16. Columbian Exchange, Age of Discovery and Atlantic Slave Trade
  17. Columbus’ Discovery for Western and Native Civilizations Report (Assessment)
  18. Comparative Effect of Demonstration and Guided Discovery Instructional Method
  19. Constructivism And Discovery Learning Education
  20. Continual food for discovery and wonder
  21. Data Mining And Knowledge Discovery In Databases Computer Science
  22. Definitions of Discovery and the Revelation of Human Acts
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✨ Best discovery Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Introduction To The Drug Discovery And Development Biology
    A drug is created through tonss of phases. This essay provides the description of the basic constructs of drug find and development, and identifies the function of some medicative chemical science, such as pharmacological medicine and ….
  2. Case Report: Glaxosmithkline Reorganizing Drug Discovery (a)
    This case describes the reorganization of drug discovery at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) following the formation of GSK from the merger of Glaxo Wellcome and SmithKline Beecham. This reorganization placed nearly 2,000 research scientists into six centers ….
  3. The Discovery of India
    The Discovery of India was written by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, when he was imprisoned for five months in the Ahmednagar fort during the Indian independence movement. The book was published in 1946, a year before India ….
  4. Film Christopher Columbus: The Discovery
    Christopher Columbus: The Discovery was released in 1992, and was directed by John Glen, who is famous for his earlier James Bonds works. This was the last project of the father and son production team of Alexander and Ilya Salkind and it was based ….
  5. The Discovery of the Self Naomi Nye’s Works
    The Discovery of the Self Naomi Nye’s Works The purpose of this paper is to analyze the self and identity in the works of Naomi Nye, and to examine the popular culture representations of Arabs as terrorist. After the September 11, 2001 attack, more ….
  6. The Greatest Discovery
    There can be no doubt that the twentieth century is one of the most remarkable in human history for its previously unparalleled rate of scientific discoveries. In fact, there were so many new gadgets invented and discoveries made in the last century ….
  7. Discovery Kazakhstan
    Every person, who lives in Kazakhstan, knows, that animals of our motherland are very important not just for Kazakhstan, but for the whole world! I definitely agree with this opinion. In the essay, I will give you the basic reasons and explain, why ….
  8. Scientific Discovery – Curse or Blessing
    As we know, everything has two sides. Electricity can shock one to death if used carelessly. Smoke from factories and gases from cars are terrible pollutants. Radium used in nuclear power plants can lead to a nuclear war. The misuse of scientific ….
  9. Mother of Invention: Discovery of Electricity
    Necessity is the mother of invention… or is it? The real mother of invention is not necessity, but curiosity. From the discovery of electricity, the invention of the light bulb, car, airplane, and air conditioning to Global Positioning Satellite ….
  10. Grand Opening of Port Discovery
    Port Discovery is designed to be more than a place to climb a tower or build a wind-driven machine. It is also aspiring to be a place where disadvantaged children will have opportunities for learning and cultural enrichment, where exhibits will be ….
  11. The Discovery of X-Ray
    The discovery of X-ray runs down to the late 1896 when Roentgen discovered the practical significance of this technology in the diagnosis of diseases and alleviation of pain. The term x-rays comes from the fact that there was a discovery from other ….
  12. Structure And Function Lantibiotic Gene Discovery Biology
    Metagenomics refers to the survey of the corporate set of genomes of assorted microbic communities. With the coming of next-generation sequencing techniques, this country has received renewed involvement, as research workers seek to understand the ….
  13. Discovery of the Fibonacci Sequence
    The Discovery of the Fibonacci SequenceA man named Leonardo Pisano, who was known by his nickname, “Fibonacci”, and named the series after himself, first discovered the Fibonacci sequence around 1200 A.D. The Fibonacci sequence is a sequence in ….
  14. New Discovery Of Land
    Once upon a time, there was a world that had living humans on it who all cared about one another, no matter what color was painted onto their skin or what they believed occurred at the end of their road. This is a world that may exist, just not in ….
  15. Nettie M. Stevens and the Discovery of Sex Determination
    During the first decade of the twentieth century it was established that the sex of almost all many-celled biological organisms is determined at the moment of fertilization by the combination of two kinds of microscopic entities. the X and Y ….
  16. The Discovery of Loss in The Sound and the Fury
    John T. Matthews writes about the discovery of loss in The Sound and The Fury. He makes the relation of loss by the fact that the characters are in grief due to their loss throughout the novel. John T. Matthews discusses the topic of loss in The ….
  17. DIscovery Assignment
    Discovery is something scattered all throughout these poem, masked by the motions that the words bring to very particular souls. For something to be going it must have been found and along those lines this poem is based. We must dig deeper then all ….
  18. Scientific Discovery – Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
    Over the course of human civilization, there have been many prominent advances in the field of science. However, as explored by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus, is there ever a point or line when new discoveries made by science ….
  19. “Only Through Mistakes Can There Be Discovery or Progress.”
    There is a stating that the mistake is the mother of success. Could people only make discovery or progress through mistakes? I am afraid that I do not quite agree with such an assertion. While in my perspective, mistakes are not necessary to make ….
  20. Christopher Columbus Discovery of America
    Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 at Genoa. Genoa Is a sea dock that was on the Algerian sea. Christopher Columbus wasn’t his real name. His real name was Christofis Colombo. When he reached the Americas they have translated It to Christopher ….

✍ Good Essay Topics About Discovery

  1. Detrimental Effects of Discovery to Society
  2. Discovery and advancement of the hip replacement technique Essay (Critical Writing)
  3. Discovery and Conquest of America
  4. Discovery and Hypothesis-based Science Approach
  5. Discovery and Justification by Kantorovich
  6. Discovery and Reassessment in The Poetry of Robert Gray
  7. Discovery Communications Company Analysis Report
  8. Discovery in Robert Gray’s Poetry & Katherine Mansfield’s The Garden
  9. Discovery in Venice: Setting and Sexuality in Mann’s Narrative
  10. Discovery Learning in Online Instructional Design Term
  11. Discovery Learning, Its Efficiency and Future Essay (Article)
  12. Discovery Museum Gold Rush History Center
  13. Discovery of a Father
  14. Discovery of Bad Unwanted Deeds
  15. Discovery of gold in America
  16. Discovery of Human Remains: Cadaver Dogs Research
  17. Discovery of Indian Scientist Jagdish Chandra Bose
  18. Discovery of New Drug
  19. Discovery of Offensive Language
  20. Discovery of Polonium and Radium
  21. Discovery of the American Music
  22. Discovery of the Western Hemispheres
  23. Discovery on Pine Ridge: College Admission Essay Sample
  24. Discovery Process: Investigation and the Law Report (Assessment)
  25. Discovery Versus Invention. Understanding, Comparison and Principles of the Subject.
  26. Discovery Wheel & Multiple Intelligences
  27. Discuss the discovery of the structure of Benzene
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Persuasive Essay Topics About Discovery

  1. East of Eden: The Discovery of Innocence
  2. Effective Pattern Discovery for Text Mining
  3. Eli Lilly: Recreating Drug Discovery for the 21st Century Case Study
  4. Europe in the World: Age of Discovery
  5. European Discovery Of America
  6. Evidence- Based Decision Making and Discovery
  7. Grendel’s Self Discovery
  8. Heterologous Gene Expression as an Approach for Fungal Secondary Metabolite Discovery
  9. History of Modern South Africa Began With The Discovery Of Diamonds And Gold
  10. History: Age of Discovery 1450-1700 Essay (Critical Writing)
  11. How Jane Yolen’s perspective on personal discovery is conveyed in Briar Rose?
  12. How Penicillin Discovery Was Able to Impact The World of Medicine
  13. Huntington’s Disease: The Discovery of the Huntington’s Gene
  14. Ice Mummies: The Siberian Ice Maiden’s Discovery Reveals Much About Archeology
  15. Is a Discovery an Invention or Is an Invention a Discovery
  16. Is discovery always a good thing?
  17. J.J. Thomson – Discovery of the Electron
  18. Life Cycle of Photon: the Impact of Its Discovery Research
  19. Mi’kmaq History and the Discovery of America
  20. Michael Harper’s Discovery
  21. Mobile Applications: User Discovery and Engagement Research
  22. Mutual interest discovery

Interesting Essay Topics About Discovery

  1. New ways of thinking versus discovery of new data
  2. Oswald T. Avery and the Discovery of the DNA
  3. Overview of Discovery and Settlement due to Business Law
  4. Overview of Mogamod: Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm for Motif Discovery
  5. Period of the Indians Discovery by Christopher Columbus Essay (Book Review)
  6. Personal Discovery Overview
  7. PnP and Automatic Device Discovery Research
  8. Price Discovery in Illiquid Market
  9. Problem Solving, Problem-Based Learning and Discovery Learning
  10. Random Walks for P2P Resource Discovery in Grids
  11. Revisiting the Minority Issue Viewed from a Statistical Standpoint: The Discovery of the Century Report
  12. Rosalind Franclin and Her Discovery of DNA
  13. Siddhartha: Journey Towards Self Discovery
  14. Study into Drug discovery and Design
  15. The ABCs of Franchise Discovery Days
  16. The Age of Discovery in Maritime Asia
  17. The Computer: Humankind’s Greatest Scientific Discovery
  18. The Computer: Humankind’s Greatest Scientific Discovery
  19. The Concept of Discovery
  20. The Discovery and Deciphering of the Atom Research
  21. The Discovery and Importance of Stem Cells
  22. The Discovery and the Consequential Conquest of America Report
  23. The Discovery of “Brown Dwarfs” in The Space
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Informative Essay Topics About Discovery

  1. The Discovery of DNA
  2. The Discovery of Electronics
  3. The Discovery of Hundreds of Pterosaur Eggs in China
  4. The Discovery of Identity Through Violence in Bless Me, Ultima, a Novel by Rudolfo Anaya
  5. The Discovery of Insulin in Medicine
  6. The Discovery of Oil Reserves in South Sudan Report
  7. The Discovery of Silver and It’s Impact on Social and Economic Behavior Around the World
  8. The Discovery of the ‘Biological Marker’ of Homosexuality
  9. The Discovery of the Rosetta Stone
  10. The Discovery of Utopian Works
  11. The Discovery Park and Green Seattle Partnership Report
  12. The Experiment that LED to The Discovery of Photosynthesis
  13. The First Discovery of Gravity in History
  14. The Heirs of Columbus: Discovery and Innovation
  15. The Humble Beginnings of Internet Discovery
  16. The Most Important Discovery in the Last 100 Years
  17. The Process Starting at The Discovery of a Drug to The Final Product Being Marketed
  18. Turner Syndrome: Discovery and Treatment Research
  19. X-ray Vision: an Accidental Discovery that Revolutionized Medicine
Successor: Warner Bros. Discovery
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Founder: John Hendricks
Founded: June 17, 1985, Bethesda, MD
Revenue: 10.67 billion USD (2020)
Ceo salary: Thanks to a hefty new stock options package, Discovery Inc. CEO David ZaslavDavid ZaslavEarly life and education Zaslav was born to a Polish and Ukrainian Jewish family in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of 8, he moved to Rockland County where he graduated from Ramapo High School. He was captain of the varsity tennis team. Zaslav earned a bachelor of science degree from Binghamton University. › David_ZaslavDavid Zaslav - Wikipedia saw his executive compensation package increased more than sixfold to $246 million from $37.7 million in 2020, according to a company regulatory filing on Monday.
Competitors: Discovery's top competitors include AMC Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company, Phoenix New Media and All For One Media. Discovery (formerly known as Discovery Communications) is a mass media and entertainment company.
Viewership: It collectively reaches 130 million people every month, engaging fans and broad audiences in more than 200 markets and in over 20 languages across all platforms where consumers are spending time -free-to-air TV, pay-TV, streaming, online and social.

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