Christopher Columbus Essay

Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in fourteen-hundred-ninty-two. He came over from Spain in three ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria and discovered America, or at least that was what I was taught in elementary school. Since then there has been much controversy going on over the issue of weather or not Christopher Columbus really "discovered" America because when he landed in San Salvador he was not alone. Native Americans already inhabited the land and they had been there long before Columbus, but this doesn’t mean that he should be atacked stripped of his dignity.

;#9;Reed Irvine, chariman, and Joe Goulden, director of the media analysis for Accuracy in Media, state in the acticle History Should Continue to Acknoledge Columbus as a Discoverer:;#9;The ;quot;presence;quot; of the North American Continent had been known to the persons living ;#9;;#9;there for centuries before arrival. But Columbus, and those who followed him, recognized ;#9;;#9;the significance of the New World; in this sense they certainly deserve credit for having ;#9;;#9;;quot;discovered;quot; America.

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;#9;Over five hundred years ago he landed in the Americas and now we are starting to question weather or not he should be given credit for discovering America. This doesn’t seem fare. After so many years without controversy it’s just been recently that we have started to question the lagitamitity of his discovery. What brought on this sudden change? Perhaps is was the coming of the five hundred year celebration of our country that brought this on, or maybe now some of the Native Americans are finally starting to speak out, but no matter what the reason may be it shouldn’t be taking place. Columbus should still be given the credit for discovering America. It was the first time that anyone was recognized for landing on a new continent and he still deserves respect.

	Irvine and Goulden feel bad for Columbus, too. "Poor Christopher Columbus. Five hundred years after the fact, the explorer is beng stripped of recognition as the man who discovered’ America and the New World.;quot;;#9;There are many people who believe that Columbus should not be credited for discovering America because the Native Americans were there first. They owned and operated the land, therefore they had right to be on it. Columbus had no right to barge in, take over their village and destroy all that they knew including them. This may be true, but accordng to Henry Noble Sherwood in Columbus and the Indians:;#9;The Indians thought Columbus and his men had come down from Heaven…and when ;#9;;#9;Columbus and the sailors went back to their ships, the Indians followed…Over five ;#9;;#9;hundred wanted to go; they thought they would reach Heaven in this way.

;#9;Columbus was like a God in the eyes of the Native Americans and they believed that he could save them. They followed him around and wanted to find out more about these strage people who had landed on there territory. The natives saw no harm in Columbus and his men and offered them most of the things they had as gifts. They were willing to give the Europeans anything they wanted. All of the things the Europeans had were new to them. For example in Columbus’s own journal, I Take Possession for King and Queen, he states that:	I showed one my sword, and through ignorance he grabbed it by the blade and cut 			himself…They traded and gave everything they had with good will, but it seemsto me that 	they have very little and are poor in everything.

	Many people believe that since the Native Americans were so docile it was easy for Columbus to take advantage of them. However, since this was a new land to him he only knew that he wanted to conquer it in the name of Spain for Ferdinand and Isabella. He didn’t realize that he was doing anything wrong. He lived ina time of slavery and that was all he knew. It was a way of his life, therefore he brought it with him to the new world.

;#9;Despite all of the negative conotations people have made in reguard to Columbus there are many good things that have evolved from him landing in the Americas. Kirkpatrick Sale, a professional writer, mentions in What Columbus Discovered:;#9;What counts, what is absolutely crucial, is that with this act two vastly different cultures, ;#9;which had evolved on continents that had been drifting apart steadily for millions of ;#9;;#9;years, were suddenlt joined. Everything of importance in the succeeding 500 years stems ;#9;;#9;from that momentous event.

;#9;Sale goes on to list over half a dozen events that resulted from Columbus landing in America, such as ;quot;the rise of Europe, the creation of a nation-state and the dominance of science;quot; to name a few. He’s not the only one who believes that despite the suffering of the Native Americans good came out of discovering America. Arthur Schlesinger, historian and two time Pulitzer Prize winner supports Sale, in his article entilted Was America a Mistake? He believes that:	out of anguish (out, too, of self-criticism and bad conscience) have evolved the great 		liberating ideas of individual dignity, political democracy, equality before the law, 			religious tolerance, cultural pralism, artistic freedom-ideas that emerged uniquely from 		Europe but that empower people of every continent, color, and creed; ideas to which 		most of the world today aspires; ideas that offer a new and gererous vision of our 			common life on this interdependent planet.

	Columbus just did what was in his heart. He was a sailor and wanted to find a way to India, so he thought that by sailing west he might be able to reach India quicker then sailing aroung Africa. Had he not sailed west surely someone else would have, but it was Columbus who landed in America. He was the one who had the instinct and ambition to sail west. As Schlesinger put it:	What animated Columbus more then anything else, more than God or glory or gold, must 		surely have been those primal passions of curiosity and wonder, the response to the 		challenge of the unknown, the need to go where none had gone before. That everlasting 		quest for new frontiers continues today as earthlings burst terrestrial bonds and begin the 		endless voyage beyond planet and galaxy into the illimitable dark.

	That desire to go where no one has ever been before is inside of all of us. All of us enjoy exploring new teritory that we have never been on before. It’s that thrill and excitement that fills our heart and soles.

;#9;When Columbus landed on the new land he put a flag in the ground claiming it for Spain. Then he met the Native Americans and was very friendly to them. ;quot;I want the natives to develop a friendly attitude toward us because I know that they are a people who can be made free and converted to our Holy Faith more by love thwn by force,;quot; Columbus wrote in his journal.

;#9;From everything that we know thus far there isn’t a big enough reason as to why we should all of the sudden stop recognizing Columbus as the founder of our nation. Therefore, he should be given recignition of his accompishments and still be known as the one who discovered America.

Christopher Columbus discoveries Essay

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 at Genoa. Genoa Is a sea dock that was on the Algerian sea. Christopher Columbus wasn’t his real name. His real name was Christofis Colombo. When he reached the Americas they have translated It to Christopher Columbus. Christopher Columbus had two brothers that he was older than the both of them. Christopher Columbus had only a little education that which had at his age at that time. Genoa was a busy sea dock and Christopher had learned a lot from the sailors which he hang out with. Christopher Columbus father was a poor weaver.

Christopher Columbus worked with his father for a long time, but his heart was set on sailing. As soon as Christopher Columbus could he went to sea. Christopher Columbus started with short fishing trips and worked his way to longer trips with merchants that traded along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Christopher Columbus was interested by map making and geography, which he learned during trips. In Christopher Columbus twenties he made his first trip out of the Mediterranean Sea Into the Atlantic Ocean. During that trip Christopher Columbus boat was attacked and was set on fire.

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The only way out was to swim; Christopher Columbus swam six miles back to shore with part of the wreckage. In 1476 Christopher Columbus move to Portugal. In Portugal he met Paella Perpetrates e Monism. Paella Perpetrates e Monism was the daughter of a respected, but relatively poor family. Shortly after they met they got married. In 1480 Fillip Perpetrates e Monism gave birth to Christopher first son who they named Diego. The only way to trade with the east during this time was by caravan. The caravans would transport goods to the east by traveling over mountains and through deserts.

The trips were long and hard. Christopher Columbus was determined to change this by sailing west to get to the east. Christopher was not trying to prove that the earth was round, because that was already a known fact. Christopher Columbus also was not trying to discover a new world, he was simply trying to get to China, India, or Japan by sailing westward. Christopher Columbus had a hard time getting help because people were scared. Columbus tried for 10 years to get a European ruler to help his plan. Finally, In 1492 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella supported his plan.

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella promised to make him governor of any new lands and offered him ten percent of all the wealth he would bring to Spain. The king and queen prepared three ships the Nina, the Piñata, and the Santa Maria for Columbus. August 3rd, 1492 Christopher Columbus and his eighty-eight volunteers left the port of Paolo looking for China, India, and Japan. The weeks went by slow and there was some unrest starting to grow among the crew. Christopher Columbus told the crew they traveled less miles than they actually did to prevent further chaos among the crew.

The crews on all three ships started to beg to Christopher Columbus to get him to turn back. Then on October 12th, 1492 they found land. When Christopher Columbus got on the land he kissed the ground and thanked god. Christopher Columbus named that land San Salvador, which means “Holy Savior. ” Christopher Columbus spent two days at San Salvador, which Is now part of the Bahamas. When they were there they met men Ana women Tanat were very Trendy Ana teen exchange gluts Witt teen controller Columbus called these people “Indians” thinking that he was in India.

After that Christopher Columbus spent the next ten weeks searching the islands for the rich cities of Asia. The islands he explored were Cuba and Haiti. Christopher Columbus brought back goods that he found and even some Indians in hope that they would let him return. Soon after Christopher Columbus returned to Spain, the Spanish realized that Christopher Columbus never made it to Asia and instead that he instead stumbled across the Americas. This discovery would end up bringing Spain large amounts of gold, silver, and emeralds, The wealth to fuel a nation. Columbus marked he beginning of an age of exploration and conquest that would last two centuries and would make Spain, for a time, the richest and most powerful nation on earth. Between 1493 and 1504 Christopher Columbus made three more trips to the Americas looking for the great cities of Asia. The first of these trips began on September 25th, 1493, with seventeen ships and 1,300 men. Christopher Columbus got everything he needed for this trip. He had all sorts of animals and supplies to assist the settlement formed in 1492. When they got there they discovered that the settlement was desecrated.

So, they started a new settlement called Isabella. Columbus did some exploring and then returned to Spain. The king and queen wanted money and riches so they sent Columbus back again to find them. He left on May 30th, 1498 with six ships. Columbus went farther than he had before and he ended up on the coast of South America. Columbus and his crew found some gold and then returned to Spain. After Columbus got to Spain he set out on his final journey. This time looking for gold, silver, precious stones, spices, and riches. They left on May 9th, 1502 with four ships and 150 men.

During this trip Columbus was the age of fifty. Columbus had bad eyesight and was ill, but the seamen still remained loyal to him and were honored to sail with him. Columbus and his crew got caught up in a few storms and ended up ship wrecked. When Columbus and his crew where finally rescued they returned to Spain. Columbus was very ill by the time he got back to Spain. Columbus had eaten years of bad food and had developed a fever. Columbus last words were “Into the hands, O Lord, I commit my spirit. ” Christopher Columbus died in Spain in 1506. Hundreds of years have past and Christopher

Columbus great navigational skills have never been forgotten. The routes he used to get to the America’s and back are still being used today. Columbus opened up a new doorway for exploration and trade. In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. And, when he reached his destination he killed, raped and enslaved innocent natives. Christopher Columbus was a cruel, self-centered, delusional man who does not deserve to be praised for the discovery of America. First, Columbus was a cruel man who enslaved, raped, and murdered the natives of the countries he sailed to.

Also, Columbus could be described as a self-centered and delusional man. His critics have described him as not a genius, but a “stubborn ego maniac who convinced himself that the world was about 25 percent smaller than it actually is. ” Columbus believed that he was saving the souls of his captives and granting them eternal life by taking the natives out of their environment and shipping them back to Spain. He even went so far as to believe that he was getting personal messages from above. Columbus does not deserve to be praised for the discovery of America.

In short, if he didn’t do It, someone else would nave Walton 1 u years. He was not ten only one won Deliver that the earth was round, and the ideas of similar voyages had been previously made. Christopher Columbus was a cruel, delusional, and self-centered man who does not deserve high praises for the discovery of America. He allowed the killing, rape, and enslavement of innocent natives. Columbus was an egomaniac who believed that he was doing the natives favors by killing them. If he had not discovered America, it is believed that some other Europeans would have.

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