Does Revenge or Vengeance Provide Personal Satisfaction? Essay

Does Revenge or Vengeance Provide Personal Satisfaction? Revenge is commonly described as punishment enacted for an injury or wrongdoing. The motivation for revenge is strong and often overwhelming but the intuitive logic behind it is twisted. Although an act of revenge causes the infliction of pain on innocent people, it also has the ability to backfire and cause unnecessary damage to the person inflicting it.

Inevitably, revenge does not replace or undo any injustice that is executed, therefore, it cannot provide personal satisfaction.

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Does Revenge or Vengeance Provide Personal Satisfaction?
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In The Count of Monte Crisis, the protagonist, Edmond Dante, plans and executes a successful, vengeful plot, only to find in the end that his journey of vengeance Is not entirely worthwhile. After realizing the eminent pain his revenge is causing on others, Dante, ” Really[sees] that he hats] passed beyond the bounds of vengeance, he [feels] he [can] no longer say ‘God is for me and with me'” (Dumas 488).

Edward Is an innocent boy whom Monte Crisis unintentionally strikes down on his journey to vengeance, and it is this tragic injustice that casts his entire project into doubt.

Due to this misconduct, Monte Crisis ultimately decides that only God has the right to act upon injustices in society. Overall, revenge does not induce feelings of satisfaction, but guilt and regret. Moreover, a man from Leisure is arrested after his plot for revenge backfires.

As stated in an article, he had called 911 with the fear that there is a gun present on he Spring Hill High School campus alongside a plot to kill someone. When the police deputies Intervene on the situation, the girl who Is described to have the gun Is Investigated, and the deputies determine that she did not attend school on the day the phone call was made, but she did have a gun In her car, After realizing that she had been framed by her ex;boyfriend who made the call In the first place, he Is charged with many felonies and is arrested.

In the end, revenge is proven to only hurt the person who is seeking it. Through many foretold stories and experiences of vengeance, it is clear that revenge serves no purpose seeing as it does not undo the Injustice that is already rendered. The outlook on revenge solely revolves around a particular phrase: “If someone punches you, you only get hurt once; if you punch them back, they will punch you back and now you are hurt twice. ” This proves that by retaliating and seeking to hurt another person, more damage will be done to whomever Is plotting the act of revenge.

As a result, before planning to embark on a Journey of revenge, be sure to dig two graves. To conclude, revenge and vengeance are proven to be unsatisfying on many accounts. Edmond Dante learns a valuable lesson when an innocent boy is killed as his ex-girlfriend in attempt to spite her for breaking his heart while proving that revenge is useless as it inflicts more hurt and damage to the person who is seeking it. Overall, revenge may be looked at as a form of Justice, but in the end it only causes pain, sorrow, and personal dissatisfaction.

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