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The Crucible features two important female characters, Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams, who are fundamentally different from each other. Elizabeth represents love and honesty, while Abigail embodies the secret life of wickedness in Salem. Both women have strong motives, with Elizabeth striving to maintain peace and Abigail seeking power by causing chaos. However, they both have a common interest in winning or keeping John Proctor’s heart. Their relationship with John leads to his downfall, with Abigail’s false accusations of witchcraft causing the deaths of many in the town and Elizabeth’s only lie leading to her husband’s execution. Despite their differences, both women play crucial roles in the story.

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Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams are two of import adult females in The Crucible. They are fundamentally opposite of each other. which makes their characters vital to the narrative. Both Elizabeth’s and Abigail’s functions in the narrative can be determined by comparing what each adult females represents. what motivates them. and what they cause in the terminal.

Elizabeth Proctor represents the lone thing good left in John Proctor’s life. She is an honorable adult females who would ne’er lie to John. although he has lied to her. While she is leery at times. she will ne’er halt loving him. And that is what she has come to stand for. love and honesty. While Elizabeth’s character is easy to calculate out. Abigail Williams is a bit more complex. Abigail is a miss who doesn’t have many values. She doesn’t uphold anything that would compress her or maintain her from making what she wants to make at high regard. Abby would instead lie her manner to innocence than to take duty for her actions. So that is what she has come to stand for. the secret life of wickedness in Salem.

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Each adult females has a strong motive in the narrative ; but there is no stating which is the strongest. Elizabeth’s motive is to maintain the peace. So much so that she voluntarily left her place to be taken captive. Her principle behind this was that if she was honest. and her repute was good for it. so she would go free once more. Abigail’s motive is to do pandemonium. She would instead state a prevarication and be the centre of attending than be blamed for something. And her drive force for this was to derive power. Something she had ne’er had before. One thing that they did hold in common is that they are both endeavoring to win or maintain John’s bosom. Elizabeth’s portion in this was to fire Abigail for holding an matter with John. Abigail’s portion in this was to seek to kill Elizabeth by faulting her for witchery. Both women’s reputes were at manus. and they were prepared to contend for it.

Both Abigail and Elizabeth had contributed to John Proctor’s decease. Abigail with her dress suits of witchery on many adult females in the town had caused many people’s lives to be taken off from them. And Elizabeth’s merely lie during the narrative was when she told the justice that John and Abigail had no matter. Her lone prevarication would do the decease of her darling hubby. Both women’s relationship with John would be his undoing.

Elizabeth’s function as John’s darling married woman and Abigail’s function as the leader of the misss can be determined by comparing what both adult females represent. what motivates each. and what each one triggers in the terminal. Both women’s characters are basically opposite of each other. Which is why they play cardinal functions in The Crucible.

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