Environmental Problems

Environmental problems are so big today that they cannot be solved by individual countries or individual people. We have reached the stage that environmental problems must be solved for international effort. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Environmental problems ,being a global issue that concerns the interests of all countries, should be addressed through the joint efforts of all countries.

To begin with , it is obvious that combined forces are absolutely stronger than single forces. Evidence abounds in this respecet that globalization can promote the resource sharing ,including cutting-edge technology, effectual ways of pollution clean-up, advanced theory and experiences and so on. Futher, environment pollution has a chain effect and ecosystems in different areas can interact with each other. As a consequence, if a nation coped with ecological problems without taking linkage effect into consideration , the effort would , more often than not , be rewardless. Take green house effect for instance, only when all countries publish rules and regulations together to control the carbon emission, can we limit the global warming. So the odds of improving the ecoenvironment by collaboration is apprently better than fighting alone.

However, the conclusion we have made in the last paragraphy cannot deny the significant role the individual plays in envirnmental conservation. Every rules must be carefully followed out and carried out by individuals. Moreover, environmental protection lies in every detail of daily life, such as water and electricity saving ,motor vehicle exhaust limiting ,deforestation control. So every one living on the earth should take good care the earth starting from his own.

All in all, when all of us join hands to save the planet , individual’s power cannot be negelected as well.

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