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Living in a flat vs living in the house. Which is better?



Words: 291 (2 pages)

In major cities, people can choose the types of accommodation depends on their own conditions and favorites. Some people prefer to living in a house, while others like apartments more than houses. There are numerous advantages of living in an apartment, so many people think it is a good choice for accommodation. Firstly, apartments make…

Living in a House or in an Apartment? Advantages and Disadvantages


Words: 1303 (6 pages)

Abstract Living in a house and living in an apartment have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. An apartment is relatively cheaper and easier to maintain than a real house. An apartment dweller, however, has to deal with responsibilities such as paying the rent on time and complying with the rules of apartment personnel….

Independent Living



health sciences

Human development


social institutions

Words: 624 (3 pages)

Foster care is supervised care for delinquent or neglected children usually in an institution or substitute home. When a youth turns eighteen, he/she “ages out” of foster care. Once that happens, the youth now transitions from foster care to an Independent Living Program. The Independent Living Program is vitally important for the youth because it…

Brief description of a place




Words: 572 (3 pages)

A description off place live in a two-bedroom apartment on the first floor in the 5-story block of flats. My room, which is spacious and full of light, is my favorite one. It is both a study and a bedroom. The only window in my room faces the playgroup, which is situated near our house….

Prices of Apartment in Minneapolis




Words: 990 (4 pages)

Most people nowadays prefer to rent rather than buy their own house because of the high-interest mortgage rates. Some does not want to get a loan that will cost them to pay for 15 or 30 years with fixed or adjustable rates and also most of the people wants to avoid loans that can hit…

A great tabletop accessories




Words: 558 (3 pages)

Entrance hall Home sweet home is always the deep inside the heart of every living individual. Hallways need to be welcoming and warm. First impression count because is the idea of kind of people live there. Having a look at the front door I notice a beautiful Georgian style with a combination of the Palladian…

Living in Apartment and Dormitories


Words: 302 (2 pages)

When students enter university they often have to live away from home. There fore, many students opt to live in an apartment or in dormitories in the University. But before they make a decision, they need to consider all the aspects of these kinds of accommodation because each his its advantages and disadvantages. On the…

Shopping Guide – First Apartment in NYC 



Words: 1682 (7 pages)

So you just rented your first apartment in NYC — CONGRATULATIONS! But you just paid first month’s rent and a security deposit and now you’re kind of broke, and you’re stuck furnishing your first apartment on a budget. Don’t worry, we have you covered! I’ve heard stories from older New Yorkers that back in the…

Tentative Living Cost for Charlotte, NC




Words: 776 (4 pages)

The aim of this paper is to estimate tentative living cost for Charlotte, NC area consisting of such basic expenses as Rent or Mortgage, Utilities, Food, Transportation, Insurance, Clothes and Incidentals, Medical Cost, and Entertainment Cost. All the expenses are calculated on a monthly basis. 1) Rent or Mortgage: Taking into account the fact that…

Building Of Dwelling Houses In Estonia




Words: 1029 (5 pages)

Building of Dwelling Houses in EstoniaNot wanting to analyze the building of dwelling houses in Estonia inefficientlyand seemingly scientifically (where would I have got competent statistics from),I simply try to express the thoughts which are connected with that topicssomehow and have come into my mind. What kind of “scientific” analysis it couldbe or who should…

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