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Living with Roommate or Alone

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Many single people have difficulties deciding to live alone or with a roommate. It is a different personal decision. Some people choose to live alone for privacy because they might be have bad experience to live with roommate in the past while others choose to live with a roommate for many reason. This is three reason live with roommate or alone save money, socialize, and help First compare and contrast living with roommate or alone. When you have a roommate, you will save money in several way.

Living with roommate can rent a larger apartment that will give you more room and more safety.

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Living with Roommate or Alone
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You will also split rent bill. For example, you and roommate may rent a luxury apartment around $1000 for two bed and two bath room. You just pay $500 per month and you will also get bigger room and private bedroom. Moreover, luxury apartments have a good security and nice neighborhood. Plus, if you or your roommate cook, you will save more money than buy dinner from restaurant.

On the other hand, living by yourself pretty nice. You do not have to clean bigger room but you have to pay many bill. Second It is easier to socialize when you have a lot of people around you.

Even if you are not close with your roommate. You can invite your roommate’s friends come over to your room and have fun. In my case, I have bad socialize but my roommate is friendly person. She brought her friends along with her. Even though her friends and I were strangers to each other, we were quickly become friend. We like drink and she made Chinese food for us sometime. So living roommate you won’t be alone. In contrast, living alone more privacy than you live with others such as, you can do what you want.

For instance, you can get home late, blow your hair in early morning or turn music up loud without having to worry about disturbing a roommate. Although having a roommate can be a good experience, but you and your roommate are different lifestyle. You roommate like to play guitar while you need quiet to study. Finally, living with a roommate allows you to get help. For example, you have problem with your study so you can ask your roommate. Roommate help you clean your room so you will not clean your room by yourself. In other cases, if you go out of town, your roommate can feed your pet or tell you important mail.

In contrast, living alone have to solve problem by yourself. For instance, you are going out of town a vocation and you can not take your pet along with you. Therefore, you have to spend for pet sitter. In conclusion, while many people decide to live alone for various reasons. Someone prefer to live with a roommate because it has many advantages, such as less spending, more socializing, and more helping. Someone prefer to living alone because of privacy. Many people prefer to having a roommate but the reasons for live alone have many strong reason too.

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Living with Roommate or Alone. (2016, Oct 11). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/living-with-roommate-or-alone/

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