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Business Ethics Essays

United States vs. Iverson Essay

CH2O is a company that blends chemicals to create products such as acid cleaners, and then ships the blended chemicals in drums to the customers. After the drums containing the chemicals reaches the customer, CH2O asked that the customer returned the drums to be reused. Once the drums were returned, the company cleaned the drums …

Conscious Capitalism Essay

In the introduction of conscious capitalism, John Mackey gives us a brief history on how he established Safer Way which is now known as Whole Foods Market with no prior business education background. His intention was to create a business that was ethical and purpose driven. His insight on free enterprise capitalism is much focused …

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Corporate culture Essay

Alvin left his job at Hewlett-Packard to join a small company as its marketing manager.  It seemed like the perfect position for him, as it offered the pay and the duties he wanted.  A month into the job, Alvin began having difficulty getting the reports he needed for his own forecasting and trends reporting.  In …

Ethical Vignette Essay

Title: Ethical Vignette Abstract In this paper I will discuss the ethical vignette as it deals with confidentiality and ethical dilemmas that counselor’s face. I will reflect on a video presentation as well as the North Carolina rules and regulation and the ACA Code of Ethics as it relates to confidentiality and ethics. I will …

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