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Assignment childcare level


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At the end of the session child A finished with a cool down, when observing it showed that he was able to balance on one leg, but only when holding his arms out, to help improve child A can put his arms to his side for short periods of time. Time Sample When observing child…

Equality and Diversity in Childcare


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Introduction My name is and I am currently doing a FETAC level 6 Early Childhood Care and Education course. One of the modules is Equality and Diversity in Childcare. For this exercise I will explore equality and diversity concepts as relevant to Irish Society. Analyse approaches to diversity education including, assimilation, multicultural, intercultural and anti-bias….

Unit 5 Cache Level 3 Childcare and Education



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Unit 5 Assignment In this assignment I will be covering the assignment criteria for Unit 5 which is the principles underpinning the role of the practitioner working with children. The responsibility of the practitioner is to work as part of a team with other professionals and staff members effectively to bring children and parents the…

Level 3 Cache Diploma in Childcare and Education



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Unit 7 Contents Page Section 1: The Role of the Practitioner (E1 E9 E10 A1) E1 A1 Section 2: Play (E2 E3 E4 E9 E10 B1) E2 E3 B1 Section 3: Assessment (E5 E6 E9 E10 D2 C2) E5 D2 C2 E6 Section 4: The Curriculum (E7 D1 C1 E8 E9 E10) E7 D1 C1…

Childcare Debate Research Paper How children


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Childcare Debate Essay, Research Paper How kids develop has been recognised by development psychologists as an highly of import although complex issue ( Hayes, 1990 ) . Healthy development involves and flexible joints on their successful advancement in spheres consisting of biological, cognitive and socio-emotional elements ( Hayes, 1990 ) . It remains indispensable in…

Why did you choose to become part of the childcare profession? Sample



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What features do u experience childcare worker must possess in order to be successful in the field? How do u experience that you good be able to heighten the lives of the kids that you will be working with? My name is Tayyaba khan.I’m traveling to compose about why did u take to go portion…

Florida Council Against Sexual Violence


Child Abuse

Child Labour


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It has been observed that there has been an increased case of raping underage children in major urban centers in Florida (‘Child Sexual Abuse | Florida Council Against Sexual Violence,’ 2019). This situation has been prevailing for the last five years. The study is concerned with getting the factors that have resulted in increased cases…

Assignment level childcare


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Another responsibility that practitioners have is to communicate effectively with parents, children and colleagues; this is to ensure that practitioners talk to everyone in a repossession and non-judgmental way; this is to also show everyone that they respect that person. Maintaining confidentiality is another responsibility that practitioners have when maintaining professional relationships this is to…

Unit 2 Childcare Cache Level 2


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Task 1. D1&D2: At the age of four, children should be starting to gain confidence in their social development as they start to make friends and play with other children through nursery or day care. They are starting to explore friendships and new ways of playing; ‘Four-year-olds can usually play happily with other children. Your…

Level 3 Diploma Childcare



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Unit 064 1:1 cross reference to unit 065 1:2- Explain how different approaches to work with children, in the early years, has influenced current provision in the UK. The development of the early years curricula has been significantly influenced by the following approaches: – Reggio Emilia – High/scope – Montessori – Steiner Firstly I will…

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