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Adhd Intervention Analysis: Is Adhd Medication Being Overprescribed

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Health Care

Mental Disorder

Words: 5082 (21 pages)

ADHD Intervention Analysis: Is ADHD Medication Being Overprescribed? Moses Stutzman Mid-Michigan Community College Abstract Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has drastically increased in recent decades. Medication to treat this disorder has become an easy way out is overused. There are many alternatives to the use of medication to treat the symptoms of ADHD (non-medical treatments). This…

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Depression

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Words: 2057 (9 pages)

            Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is founded on the principle that an individual’s way of thinking affects their behavior, indicating that cognition is directly related to behavior. This therapy involves the guiding of an individual to learn to handle the different ways by which they distort reality with their cognitive processes, to learn to cope with…

Behavior the Importance of Culture and Free Will

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Words: 2773 (12 pages)

When one suggests that a behavior is determined genetically, then one horribly oversimplifies the situation, and negates the importance of culture and free will in determining how a person behaves. One behavior that has gained large-scale acceptance as having a partial genetic cause is that of alcoholism. This genetic cause I expressed in terms of…

Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Schizophrenia

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Mental Disorder


Words: 4195 (17 pages)

A Case Study William Bradshaw University of Minnesota Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy: An International Journal, 12, (1) 13-25, 1998 Abstract Cognitive-behavioural treatment (CBT) has rarely been applied as the primary treatment for the multiple, severe and persistent problems that characterize schizophrenia. This case study describes the process of CBT in the long-term outpatient care of…

Cognitive Behavior and Students with Anxiety Disorders

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Words: 638 (3 pages)

Abstract This paper is a review of the literature surrounding schools implementing cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT) for students with anxiety disorders. Being able to better understand and work with students who may be showing signs of anxiety or have been diagnosed with anxiety issues is crucial in allowing academic success. Several evidence-based researches are presented…

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Words: 1089 (5 pages)

Abstract: Cognitive behavioral therapy is commonly employed in treatment of psychiatric problems especially during the counseling sessions. This model lays emphasis on the power of the thoughts in influencing behavior and thus efforts to correct the dysfunctional behavior are normally focused on changing the thought process of the clients. Introduction: Cognitive behavioral therapy better known…

Various Theories Are Developed and Utilized in Counseling Children

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Words: 857 (4 pages)

There has been extensive development in modern science and progress in the field of Psychology, following ingenuity of several new practical methods and approaches for psychoanalysis and psychotherapy by theorists. ‘CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is known as one of them. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that treats problems and boosts happiness…

Effective Rehabilitation Programs

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy



Words: 423 (2 pages)

Rehabilitation             Rehabilitation does work to reduce recidivism rates among offenders, it however only works when certain treatments are used. For instance,  “This variation in program success has led to a search for those “principles”that distinguish effective treatment interventions from ineffective ones.There is theoretical and empirical support for the conclusion that the rehabilitation programs that…

Cognitive Therapy in Personality-Dependent Disorder 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Words: 1143 (5 pages)

According to the DSM5, the person with a personality-dependent disorder experiences a dominant and excessive need to be cared for, which leads to submissive behavior and exaggerated attachment and fear of separation , which begins in the early stages of adulthood and It is present in diverse contexts and is manifested by five (or more)…

Counselling theory

Clinical Psychology

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Words: 1636 (7 pages)

Introduction In this essay I will describe key elements of Psychodynamic theory, Person-Centred theory and Cognitive-Behavioural theory. I will also identify the key differences between the above theories. I shall also describe how counselling theory underpins the use of counselling skills in practise. I will then end with my conclusion. 1.1 Key elements of psychodynamic…

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