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Article Review – “How Motivation Affects Learning and Behaviour” by J.E. Ormrod




Words: 826 (4 pages)

Article Review – “How Motivation Affects Learning and Behaviour” by J. E. Ormrod This article reveals six effects of motivation towards Learning and Behaviour. To begin with, intrinsic and extrinsic motivations are introduced as two major motivations that drive a person in their actions. When I bumped onto this article, I thought all points in…

“the Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on a Customer’s Buying Behaviour”



Words: 2163 (9 pages)

“The Impact of Celebrity Endorsement On A Customer’s Buying Behaviour” Reviewing The Literature: This literature review aims to provide a comprehensive account of the different theories which will provide frameworks for answering market research questions relating to “The impact of celebrity endorsement on a customer’s buying behavior” and using celebrities in advertising and endorsing different…

Outline and evaluate the behavioural approach to abnormality


Operant conditioning

Words: 542 (3 pages)

This approach focuses on the behaviour of the person to explain psychological abnormalities. It believes that the behaviour is learnt, and therefore can be unlearnt. It focuses on 3 different things: classical conditioning, operant conditioning and social learning theory. Classical conditioning was developed by Pavlov through his work on animals. He explained the development of…

Deviance in a Sociological Context


Words: 1310 (6 pages)

Deviance, in a sociological context, describes actions or behaviors that violate social norms, including formally-enacted rules as well as informal violations of social norms (e. g. , rejecting folkways and mores). It studies how these norms are created, how they change over time and how they are enforced. Norms are rules and expectations by which…

Policies and Procedures of the Setting for Promoting Children Positive Behaviour



Words: 322 (2 pages)

1. Know the policies and procedures of the setting for promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour. 2. Be able to support positive behaviour. 2.1. Describe the benefits of encouraging and rewarding positive behaviour. Give examples of positive responses to behaviour and say how these may motivate children in their behaviour and learning You could…

Organizational Behavior Problem


Words: 4372 (18 pages)

INTRODUCTION The main purpose of essay is to describe the different motivational tools and techniques and the organisational structure used by my organisation. The opening session of essay explains the relevant aspects of my organisation related to the industry, location and size. The first part of the essay introduces the concept of motivation and the…

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy



Words: 3501 (15 pages)

A critical reflective and analytical research based written conceptualisation and therapeutic plan for a common human problem in Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapy terms. This essay has been particularly difficult for the writer to achieve due to the challenges they face in the transition from a Person Centred Counsellor to a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist in Training. The…

Benefits of encouraging and rewarding positive behaviour


Words: 492 (2 pages)

When it comes to behaviour it can be easy to concentrate on what we need to halt kids from making. The job with this attack is that it does non assist kids cognize what they should be making. This means that presents there is much more accent on promoting positive behavior. A good starting point…

Individual Behavior


Words: 341 (2 pages)

There are few discernible arguments and very little analysis or evaluation. There is very little evidence of an understanding of the key concepts, theories and applications related to the topic. The language used is largely inappropriate or inaccurate, with major weaknesses in expression and/or in spelling. D(40 – 49%) Description of events, concepts and basic…

Skinners Operant Behaviour


Words: 1496 (6 pages)

“Reproduction was itself a first consequence, and it led, through natural selection, to the evolution of cells, organs, and organisms which reproduced themselves under increasingly diverse conditions. What we call behavior evolved as a set of functions furthering the interchange between organism and environment.”-B. F. Skinner, Selection by Consequences-Known to some as the most influential…

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