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Windows Server Proposal

Computer network

Computer networking

Computer Science

Digital Media

Information Technology

Microsoft Windows


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The design and implementation of a businesses’ network enterprise can play a major role in the success of that business. This proposal will provide a solution for the Worldwide Advertising Inc. Windows network infrastructure. This proposal will include a solution for WAI’s core IT services, such as DNS and DHCP. In addition we will provide…

Grade 2 writing assignment

Computer network

Computer networking

Computer Science

Information security

Information Technology

World Wide Web

Words: 2375 (10 pages)

The Sales and Marketing page section of Keeps intranet site describes the strategic purpose of the FSP. SC will provide IT services and of course consulting. Some other things would be developmental solutions, strengthening, implementation, IT integration, analysis, and design (Apollo Group, 2004). Smith Consulting will also submit a proposal to Judders that will detail…

HBR Case Revitalizing Dell Analysis


Apple Inc





Words: 4104 (17 pages)

The most critical shifts in Dell’s contextual factors, including industry dynamics, trends, technology changes and shift of the competitive landscape are following: The industry has changed significantly over the last 20 years. The traditional business model in the PC industry was inside-out, supplying machines based on orders from distribution, resell and retail channels, thus following…

How to Keep Your Password Secure

Computer network

Computer networking

Computer Science


Information Technology


Words: 423 (2 pages)

The users password needs to changed every 90 days. Any employee that has remote access should have a token key on a USB drive that provides the user’s credentials. When an employee retires, quits, or gets fired, they accounts should be locked until IT administrators can go through the account. If the employee had a…

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