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The Trust Issue Essay


Words: 786 (4 pages)

Gallup Polling sums it up perfectly. “Trust is a social, economic, and political binding agent.” It is the cornerstone of friendship and caregiving in general. When we lack trust, countless social atrocities unfold – such as violence, social chaos, and many other risks. Vinton Cerf, the co-creator of the internet once said, “We didn’t focus…

Can You Trust the Internet


Words: 1030 (5 pages)

“Wikipedia is not a valid source!” is a phrase most students in the 21st century have heard from at least one teacher with a wiki vendetta. Why is this? Or a better question why is it just Wikipedia? The reason for these instructions is that anyone can put anything on Wikipedia. The reality of the…

Assignment writing paper


Words: 379 (2 pages)

Therefore, it is imperative to both message senders and receivers to use the same techniques for writing as well as communicating via the internet. All should consider when communicating via email, certain rules apply which could mean success or failure if proper netiquette rules are not followed. This paper will analyze the article “Email Etiquette:…

Response to Who is This Man, and Why Is He Screaming?


Mass Media


Words: 513 (3 pages)

Response Essay to Who is This Man, and Why Is He Screaming? The lines between personal property and public domain are becoming increasingly blurred as more people become connected by the internet. In her article, the main point Rachel Kadish makes is that, “If your face isn’t private property, what is?” (Kadish 262). She is…

Internet, Intranets and Extranets in Companies


Words: 723 (3 pages)

2. How does the use of the Internet, intranets, and extranets by companies today support their business processes and activities? In order to succeed today, organizations that are competing in global markets are increasing rapidly. The increased use of technologies such as the Internet, intranets, and extranets will definitely revolutionize how businesses will operate and…

Assignment writing class




Words: 1335 (6 pages)

USDA is a growing company operating in highly competitive markets. The main reason for acquirement at USDA is due to expansion of the business and colleague turnover. Colleague turnover occurs for a variety of reasons, for example, retirement of existing colleagues and internal promotion which create gaps Recruiting at Aka Case: Recruiting at Aka 1…

Imrd Report – Decline in Sales



human communication


Mass Media

Words: 428 (2 pages)

IMRD report Introduction : The goal of this report is to describe my search in decline in sales. The function of this report is to try and find out the solution for the decline in sales. This report will inform the reader of the methods used to obtain the information of the report. In gathering…

Online Bus Reservation System

Computer network


Information system

Information Technology


Software engineering

Words: 3647 (15 pages)

The project covers a web based system that was developed to improve the process of Bus scheduling system by bus users. The study involved a thorough scheduling of the existing and related bus scheduling systems in Uganda. The main objective was to develop a system that enables bus users to manage travel tickets online and…

The Industrial Attachment Report


Computer Science


Words: 6654 (27 pages)

SUPERVISOR NAME: CALISTO OYUGI MR. Signature ……………. … Date ………………………. DEDICATION This report is dedicated to my mother,Syprose Anyango for this is the fruit of her seed. ABSTRACT This report summarizes my life experiences with real life operations that I went through at Nairobi Aviation College. The duration of attachment was three months which I…

Internet Marketing It Is the Promotion of Goods and Services Online


Digital marketing


Marketing Communications

Mass Media


Words: 1461 (6 pages)

Introduction Internet marketing is use of internet and associated digital technologies to attain marketing objectives and support modern concepts. Internet marketing is a marketing strategy used by businesses to process new products online and offer customer services online. Internet is applied to all marketing communication aspects and supports marketing process. Internet marketing is a significant…

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