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The Difference Between Analytic and Speculative Philosophy



Words: 2248 (9 pages)

Philosophy is an Academic discipline that exercises reason and logic in an attempt to understand reality and answer fundamental questions about knowledge, life, morality and human nature. Philosophy is the root of all knowledge. It is considered as mother of all sciences. Philosophy helps to coordinate the various activities of individual and the society. It…

Socratic Aporia: the Knowledge Behind Truth



Words: 806 (4 pages)

While reading Five Dialogues by Plato, I came to a lot of dead ends in deciphering the conversations Socrates had with Meno and Euthyphro. Each conversation seemed like it was running in circles but I realized they were running in circles because the conclusion was difficult to define. Socrates counters statements that Euthyphro and Meno…

Piety VS Impiety (Euthyphro & Socrates)



Words: 1042 (5 pages)

What is piety and impiety? This broad question is exactly what Euthyphro and Socrates debate about the true meaning of these two words. When society hears the word piety, they think of worship for God or religious fulfillment of sacred obligations. However, when Socrates attends the king’s court on charges of impiety by Meletus, he…

Socrate and the Examined Life



Words: 1342 (6 pages)

The Trial and Death of Socrates takes place during a time in Socrates life where he becomes most reflective. During these final moments of Socrates life a theme arises, that of the unexamined life. Socrates claims that “the unexamined life is not worth living” (Apology 38a). Profound as the statement may seem it creates many…

What Can Be Discovered In the Trials and Death Of



Words: 964 (4 pages)

SocratesIn ” The Trails and Death of Socrates” we discover Socrates unique approach to philosophy. His method involves questioning people’s theories and making them think in order to discover the right answers. Socrates’ goals were to achieve more knowledge and at the same time influence other people. I plan to identify and evaluate Socrates practice…

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