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Plato and Aristotle’s Theory of Imitation



Words: 1500 (6 pages)

An imitation of an idea or a concept is just a copy of its reality. “Mimesis”, which means imitation, was essentially a Greek word that means, “copying” or “imitating”. Both Aristotle and Plato see imitation pretty differently. Plato would simply believe in what existed without trying to explain it, or look for any deeper meaning….

Plato and His Influences on Today’s Society


Words: 1809 (8 pages)

In this final paper I decided to demonstrate how the ideas and works of Plato still around and influencing many arguments made, especially in the political world. At least in my opinion I think that some of Plato’s ideas and phrases became more like predictions as the time went by. And I am glad that…

Plato’s Philosophy Essay


Words: 1423 (6 pages)

Plato who was a Greek philosopher that does not believe knowledge comes from the five senses. Plato also does think that opinions are the truth. During his life there were two big events that helped form his outlook, the Peloponnesian war and meeting Socrates. After meeting Socrates, Plato was his student until he was executed….

Plato and Inequality Essay


Words: 598 (3 pages)

Modern philosophy comes with an assumption that all people are equal. In ancient texts, human beings are assumed to be naturally unequal. The philosopher Plato assumes that because people are not inherently equal democracy as a form of government is inadequate. It is the natural inequalities in humanity that causes democracy to be ineffective. Plato…

Plato Tripartite Soul Essay


Words: 1092 (5 pages)

The soul of a human is one of the body’s most indescribable parts. Philosophers have debated its merits and abilities for thousands of years and yet there is still confusion of what it truly means. Questions have arisen of its existence if it is one with the body and many more throughout time. The theory…

Aristolte Plato Social Contract



Words: 1867 (8 pages)

The best and brightest of history’s philosophers have dedicated great amounts of time to describing the best forms of social and political organization with the hope of discovering the best way of life for humanity. Aristotle and Plato are certainly no exception. The teacher and the student, defined by each other’s works, have taken historical…

The Metaphysical Pizza as Sliced by Plato and Aristotle




Words: 535 (3 pages)

The Metaphysical Pizza as Sliced by Plato and Aristotle ? Plato and Aristotle were Greek philosophers who lived within the third and fourth century BC. Thought Aristotle was a student of Plato, they each had very different ideas or theories on how life is or Metaphysics. Plato theorized that reality was outside of our physical…

The Influence of Plato’s Work on Philosophy


Words: 1264 (6 pages)

Platos Forms The influence that Plato, the Greek philosopher born in 427 BC in Athens, has had throughout the history of philosophy has been monumental. Among other things, Plato is known for his exploration of the fundamental problems of natural science, political theory, metaphysics, theology and theory of knowledge; many of his ideas becoming permanent…

Differences between Plato and Aristotle



Words: 2492 (10 pages)

The current understanding of knowledge and the universe by man today stems from many centuries ago when philosophers attempted to understand the seemingly chaotic world around them. The Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle are responsible for some of these major early discoveries and are a big reason as to where we are today due to…

In the Republic of Mediocrity Genius Is Dangerous

The Republic

Words: 685 (3 pages)

“In the republic of mediocrity, genius is dangerous” this has been quoted by Robert green Ingersoll. I think mediocrity means average intelligence that resents and envies its betters. It’s like the Japanese saying: A nail that stands up gets hammered down. If you’re different, especially in a better way, you will likely not be appreciated…

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