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Impact of Recession and Its Effects on HRM

Financial crisis


Words: 2183 (9 pages)

The world has suddenly plummeted into a deep economic crisis (called Global Meltdown or Financial Tsunami), the worst ever since the 1930’s. It has almost taken all the countries across the globe into its grip. Almost all the sectors of economy with varying degrees have caught business by surprise during the current global downturn with…

Foreign Exchange Market Research

Financial crisis


Words: 1611 (7 pages)

The foreign exchange market is one of the most important financial markets. It affects the relative price of goods between countries and so can affect trade. It means that it affects the price of imports and so affects a country’s price level (inflation rate). It also affects the international investment and financing decision. In this…

The risk management of asset and liabilities by developing countries

Financial crisis

Risk Management

Words: 2328 (10 pages)

The risk management of assets and liabilities by developing countries. Greater access to the international financial markets has bestowed many benefits on developing countries, but it has also exposed them to the vicissitudes of these markets. In addition to the macroeconomic challenges posed by large, potentially volatile flows, the sizable external foreign currency debt of…

Maritime Logistics: A Proposal on the Way Forward

Financial crisis


Words: 5674 (23 pages)

Part A Introduction Common business practices require that any business entity base its strategies on the exact nature of the operational environment thus the evaluation of the operational environment is key to operations in any industry.  Factual decision making is an aspect that has been integrated in principles that have to be mastered for any…

Financial Markets and Institutions


Financial crisis

Words: 854 (4 pages)

In a global market when one country goes through an economic recession it can have drastic effects on the rest of the world. When the United States had a financial melt down it affect every country around the world. The financial crisis hurt the value of the dollar and it affect the way we trade…

Solving the Economic Crisis of the US


Financial crisis

Words: 656 (3 pages)

The Functionalist Perspective on Solving the Economic Crisis of the United States of AmericaFunctionalism is the oldest sociological theory which still exists and dominates other perspectives in the social sciences (McClelland). It is also sometimes called the “consensus theory” because it does not aim at the conflicts arising in the society; rather, it pictures harmonious social…

Messiah of the Masses : Huey Pierce Long and the Great Depression


Financial crisis

The Great Depression

Words: 1116 (5 pages)

Messiah of the masses deals with the life of Huey Pierce Long. Author begins by describing Long’s childhood. Huey Long was born on 30 August, 1893 in Winnfield, Louisiana. He belonged to a large family of ten people. His father Hugh Long had a charismatic personality and was very intelligent. Huey Long in 1907 built…

2008 Financial Crisis


Financial crisis


Words: 599 (3 pages)

Since the Great Depression of the 1930s, many economists claimed that the financial crisis of 2008 created the most serious economic recession that affected not only America but the global financial system. It is hard to pinpoint the only one reason, however, the housing price boom in 2007-2008 period was the starting point of the…

Great Depression in the United States


Financial crisis

The Great Depression

Words: 1749 (7 pages)

Possibly the greatest crisis faced by the United States since the Civil War, the Great Depression completely changed the nature of American government. It is easy to trace the development of the national government as a guarantor of public welfare and defender of not only our lives but our well-being. Though the Great Depression allowed…

Probability in Cross Border M&A: The Case of Shipping Industry After Global Crisis of 2008

Financial crisis


Words: 3103 (13 pages)

ABSTRACT The shipping industry is one of the leading mode of transportations that moves more than 80% of the goods transactions generated around the world. The technological advances increase the number and size of vessels, reducing operational costs generating great economies of scales. However, the high operational costs affect the profitability when crisis comes and…

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