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Is Othello’s tragic conclusion solely the result of Iago’s machinations? Analysis



Words: 1925 (8 pages)

Iago plays a major part in the downfall of Othello and the tragic conclusion of the play by twisting the truth and lying to Othello to convince him of Desdemona’s infidelity. He works with the actions of the other characters to bring about Othello’s demise whilst letting Othello jump to conclusions himself, thus making it…

Othello Questions and Answers



Words: 987 (4 pages)

Act I Scene iWhy is Roderigo annoyed with Iago?In love with Desdemona, Roderigo is angry that his supposed friend, Iago, didn’t do anything about the elopement of Desdemona and Othello. Roderigo has been paying Iago to help him in his suit to Desdemona, but he has seen no progress, and he has just learned that…

Othello – Values And Attitudes



Words: 2396 (10 pages)

Othello – Values and Attitudes “If Othello didnt begin as a play about race, history has made it one.”The Venetian society that Othello is set in is representative of the writers context. The attitudes and values that Shakespeare reveals through the text are those sameattitudes and values of Elizabethan society in England in the sixteenth-century….

How does Iago Convince Othello to Kill Cassio and Desdemona by the End of Act Three?



Words: 1606 (7 pages)

Act Three of Othello begins with Othello having no doubts at all concerning his wife’s fidelity and the happiness of their marriage, and ends with him almost totally convinced of her false guilt of being in an affair despite having very little evidence to prove it and no reason to want it to be true….

How does Shakespeare present Iago as a character affected by hatred?


William Shakespeare

Words: 647 (3 pages)

We all know Iago as the key, evil scoundrel in this treacherous and winding tragedy and Shakespeare has presented him very cleverly. Iago is a ruthless sociopath who alone has a burning hatred towards all of life and most especially towards Othello. In the end of the play, Iago is either indirectly or directly the…

Is Othello a Racist and a Sexist Play?



Words: 1172 (5 pages)

Racism – the intolerance and discrimination of a person based purely on the colour of their skin. In a contemporary context, racism is thought of as an issue of relatively small proportion, although still present. Western civilisation has become more accustomed to, and there for more tolerant of a multi-cultural society. But before this, before…

The Two Settings of Othello



Words: 1192 (5 pages)

Effects of the Environment in Othello In The Tragedy of Othello, an epic tale of love and revenge, Shakespeare introduces major themes of jealousy and self-preservation. Shakespeare uses sharp contrast of settings to convey and amplify feelings brought on by the characters’ actions. The civilized city of Venice and the cut off island of Cyprus…

How does the first act of ‘Othello’ prepare us for the rest of the play?



Words: 2134 (9 pages)

Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’, believed to have been written in 1604, is one of his most popular plays, with a long and successful stage history and was one of the first plays to be performed after the theatres were reopened in 1660. As with all of Shakespeare’s other plays, he had various sources of inspiration and transformed…

Central Idea of Othello



Words: 989 (4 pages)

Jealousy is characterized as a desirous or harsh frame of mind. Numerous individuals encounter it consistently, however relatively few stop to really investigate it and think about the impacts of it on their points of view. Consequently, jealousy begins as a little ‘pestering’ feeling, yet as it develops, it can expend and drive one to…

Iago’s Motivation



Words: 1169 (5 pages)

Iago is a “moral pyromaniac.” Harold C. Goddard writes that Iagoconsciously and unconsciously seeks to destroy the lives of others, especiallyothers with high moral standards (Goddard 76). However, Iago is more thanjust a “moral pyromaniac,” he is a moral pyromaniac whose fire is fueled bypure hatred. He is a hungry powermonger whose appetite for destruction…

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Frequently Asked Questions about Iago

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How would you describe Iago as a character?
Iago is a Machiavellian schemer and manipulator, as he is often referred to as "honest Iago", displaying his skill at deceiving other characters so that not only do they not suspect him, but they count on him as the person most likely to be truthful.
What motivates Iago essay?
Iago's evil intentions were of his own will and scheming, but were made possible with his unequaled ability to deceive. His motivation spurs from jealousy and betrayal, which he is not capable of tolerating well. He allows these emotions to eat away at him rather than seeking out a rational solution to his conflict.
Who is Iago essay?
Iago is the epitome of a conniving and evil character in a play. He is sly and quick witted, untrustworthy, and sexist (which is a counterproductive characteristic). He shows no sympathy after he blackmails people that trust him, and he spends the entirety of the play planning and executing their demise.
Why is Iago an interesting character?
He certainly seems to take great pleasure in preventing Othello from enjoying marital happiness, and he expresses his love for Othello frequently and effusively. It is Iago's talent for understanding and manipulating the desires of those around him that makes him both a powerful and a compelling figure.

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