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Describe an important character in Freedom Writers



Words: 1638 (7 pages)

An important character in the fim “Freedom Writers” directed by Richard LaGravenese is Ms Gruwell. She is an enthusiastic teacher, determined to help students succeed she is a problem solver and is altruistic. Four techniques that helped me understand this character are camera work, costumes, dialogues and editing. She was enthusiastic when she first arrived…

William Shakespeare – Facts of Famous Writer


Words: 1132 (5 pages)

On April 26, 1564, John Shakespeare’s son, William, was baptized at the Stratford Parish Church. No one knows for certain when his birthday was. (Brown 22) It was thought that young Shakespeare began attending school at the age 7, in Stratford. (Wadsworth 344) Before Shakespeare reached the age of 13, his family endured hardships. Shakespeare’s…

Harlem Renaissance Writers Reacting To Their Polit



Words: 3338 (14 pages)

ical EnvironmentThe Harlem Renaissance emerged during turbulent times for the world, the United States, and black Americans. World War I and the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 had left the world in disorder and stimulated anticolonial movements throughout the third world. In America, twenty years of progressive reform ended with the red scare, race riots, and…

Freedom Writers: Rhetorical Analysis




Words: 701 (3 pages)

The movie “Freedom Writers” is based on a true story. Hilary Swank as Erin Gruwell plays an inspirational teacher at Wilson High School. She is ready to take on the teaching world as she steps inside Wilson High School for her first day. Her class, varied with teenagers of different ethnic backgrounds, wants nothing more…

How does any writer on the course treat the figure of the social outcast or outsider


Words: 1945 (8 pages)

For the purposes of this assignment I will be examining two of Coleridge s most notable poetic works; The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Kubla Khan. From The Rime I will be examining the poets treatment of the Mariner himself and from Kubla Khan both Kubla Khan and the unnamed poetic presence that is…

Moral Lessons by Medieval Writers





Words: 794 (4 pages)

Medieval writers, among them Giovanni Boccacio, Geoffrey Chaucer and Dante Aligheri, are notable for the moral tone of their works. Not surprisingly given that the great educator of their time was the Church. In any event Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, Boccacio’s “Decameron”, and Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” are made no less entertaining for their erudition. In fact,…

Duality in Many Late-Victorian English Writers’ Works




Words: 2188 (9 pages)

Course: English 104 Professor: Kathleen McKalister Student: Jeanne Reeser Assignment: Formal Essay Duality In many late-Victorian English writers’ works, there appears this reoccurring theme of a “double” or “split personality” residing in one character. The “double” or “split personality” usually coincided with a specific historical event or social attitude during the time that the novel…

Good Readers Good Writers


Words: 1171 (5 pages)

In Nabokov’s 1948 “Good Readers and Good Writers,” the reader has the opportunity to view the possibilities of a beautiful collision of a major reader and a major writer. This piece discusses reading and writing: skills that have become standardized and slightly devalued as education has advanced. Literacy has become so expected that little thought…

Oedipus in the Writer Sophocles Plays



Words: 985 (4 pages)

~Oedipus~Many times humans do things that contradict another thing they do. An example of this is one thing may be good but also bad at the same time. A person who has done this more then once is Oedipus in the writer Sophocles plays. Sophocles uses imagery like light verses darkness, knowledge verses ignorance and…

Roald Dahl:Biography of Writer


Words: 565 (3 pages)

Everything in Dahl’s books includes either scary fiction or adventure. In 1973 Dahl was awarded for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The book in its time was very popular for children. Between 1980 and 1990, over eleven million of his children’s books were sold in paperback form-considerably more than the total number of children born…

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