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Difference Between E-Business And E-Commerce



Web Design


Words: 1220 (5 pages)

What is how can a website help our store with both other than just to sell more? For example, how could it help improve customer relations, or inventory management? E-Business is using technology to improve a business’ operational efficiency. This increases the perceived value of the business, but does not technically generate revenue. In contrast…

Timbuk2 Case Study Analysis

Enterprise Resource Planning


Supply Chain

Words: 2048 (9 pages)

 Introduction:The business crafts bags which are fashionable, durable, appropriately priced and can be easily cleaned. The business is well known for its customizing solutions and delivers orders on committed time and with accurate specifications.Timbuk2 Case Study AnalysisHistory:Timbuk2 (2010) acknowledged that Aka De Martini started selling messenger bags in late 1970s to assist telephone linemen. Later…

Case Study Butler Lumber




Words: 2589 (11 pages)

Abstract Butler Lumber Company, a lumber retailer with a rapid growth rate, is faced with the problem of cash flow shortage. In order to support this profitable business, BLC needs a great amount of cash. The loan of $250,000 from Suburban National and a line of credit of up to $465,000 from Northrop National Bank…

Approaches Of Quality Control Used By Pizza Hut





Words: 2360 (10 pages)

This is the cardinal factor for a nutrient concatenation like Pizza Hut. All the employees are at the dorsum of the house i.e. the kitchen helpers are trained for that ground. They are given excess lessons to run into the quality criterions set by Pizza Hut around the universe. This scheme is indispensable in order…

Barilla Case Study

Business Process


Supply Chain Management

Words: 3083 (13 pages)

Reasons for the increase in variability in demand in Barilla’s supply chain The root cause of the increasing variability in Barilla’s supply chain is the demand fluctuation. In fact, Barilla is suffering from what is known as the bullwhip effect: demand fluctuations increase as one moves up the supply chain from retailer to manufacturer (Boute…

Essay – Barilla SpA Analysis

Business Process

Business process management




Supply Chain Management

Words: 1390 (6 pages)

Executive Summary Barilla is currently facing a major challenge related to the fluctuation in demand or ordering patterns from distributors, despite consumer demand remaining relatively consistent. Unfortunately, the implementation of the Just in Time Distribution System (JITD) has not been successful thus far. Both internal and external sources within the distribution network have shown resistance….

Small Business Management

Business Process



Words: 341 (2 pages)

Small business management 10am -12pm Zappos case study Case Questions for Discussion 1. Draw and describe the customer benefit package that Zappos provides. Identify and describe one primary value creation, one support, and one general management process you might encounter at Zappos. (A) General Management Pro Value creation Process Value creation Process Customer Customer Value…

Rfid Implementation Issues at Metro

Business process management


Supply Chain Management


Words: 1662 (7 pages)

Question 1 – Examine the process flow in Metro’s grocery supply and identify how these processes would improve with the implementation of RFID at the pallet level and at the case level. Major process improvements for pallet-level implementations are derived from basic RFID functionality. The major functional difference between barcodes and RFID tags is that…

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