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The Antisocial Urbanism of Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier


Words: 2703 (11 pages)

The Antisocial Urbanism of Le Corbusier Antisocialism in Social Cities Outline Social versus Antisocial Cities Introduction What is Socializing? Assorted types of Socializing Phases of Socializing by Richard Moreland and John Levine Le Corbusier vision toward metropoliss and unfavorable judgment Body Charles Fourier and Le Corbusier vision by Peter Serenyi Argument of Charles Fourier Fourier…

Le Corbusier House 14 at Weissenhof


Le Corbusier

Words: 416 (2 pages)

“The house is a machine for living in. ”-Le Corbusier House 14 at Weissenhof: http://mpdrolet. tumblr. com/pos/34901891099/weissenhof-estate-le-corbusier-peter-gossel. As with many other architects of his time, Le Corbusier was fascinated with the Industrial Age. The Industrial Age brought a multitude of new materials for architects to work with, as well as new processes to utilize these…

Five Points In Architecture Used By Le Corbusier Architecture


Le Corbusier

Words: 2268 (10 pages)

Le Corbusier ( 1887-1965 ) is a Swiss-French designer ; he is considered by many a innovator of modern architecture. Le Corbusier ‘s aspiration is apparent as he was an person of many endowments including picture, authorship, and design. Le Corbusier ‘s attitude towards the place, the objects of the place and the manner in…

Public Works, Public Space

Le Corbusier


Words: 1599 (7 pages)

Subject Area: Le Corbusier; City for Three Million Inhabitants. ‘Using Le Corbusier’s unbuilt proposal, A Contemporary City of Three Million, examine its relationships to underlying ideologies about forms of public life.’ “A town is a tool. Towns no longer fulfil this function. They are ineffectuai; they use up our bodies, they thwart our souls. The…

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