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Public Works, Public Space

Le Corbusier


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A Contemporary City of Three Million (Ville Contemporaine) exhibited in 1922, is a presentation of Charles-�douard Jeanneret-Gris’s (aka Le Corbusier) vision to create the idyllic urban environment containing every modern facility. Designed to remedy problems he see consistent throughout modern day cities, Le Corbusier’s city would have an abundance of space, greenery and light. The…

The Antisocial Urbanism of Le Corbusier: Social versus Antisocial Cities

Le Corbusier


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Socialization is the process through which a individual acquires to bond to an assembly or civilization and act in a manner accepted and recognized by this group or society. Mentioning to most societal experts, socialisation fundamentally expresses the full method of civilization during the life sequence and is a chief inspiration on the public presentation,…

Five Points In Architecture Used By Le Corbusier Architecture


Le Corbusier

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Le Corbusier ( 1887-1965 ) is a Swiss-French designer ; he is considered by many a innovator of modern architecture. Le Corbusier ‘s aspiration is apparent as he was an person of many endowments including picture, authorship, and design. Le Corbusier ‘s attitude towards the place, the objects of the place and the manner in…

Le Corbusier House 14 at Weissenhof


Le Corbusier

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“The house is a machine for living in. ”-Le Corbusier House 14 at Weissenhof: http://mpdrolet. tumblr. com/pos/34901891099/weissenhof-estate-le-corbusier-peter-gossel. As with many other architects of his time, Le Corbusier was fascinated with the Industrial Age. The Industrial Age brought a multitude of new materials for architects to work with, as well as new processes to utilize these…

Frequently Asked Questions about Le Corbusier

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What did Le Corbusier contribute to the development of modern design?
Le Corbusier built many groundbreaking buildings around the world and drew up numerous important urban development plans. He created impressive works of art – with paintings, sculptures, drawings and collages, enamels, tapestries as well as engravings. And he developed timeless furniture icons.
What impact did Le Corbusier have on modern architecture?
Le Corbusier ranks among the most influential figures in modern architecture and is perhaps one of the most divisive. He has been both lauded for the sculptural quality of his free-form living spaces and reviled for setting the stage for concrete social housing blocks thrown up in the post-war years.
What was Le Corbusier's style?
Le Corbusier was an influential architect and city planner whose designs combined functionalism with bold sculptural expressionism. He belonged to the first generation of the so-called International school of architecture, which promoted such characteristics as clean geometric forms and open efficient spaces.
Which objects of modern life and everyday use did Le Corbusier use as his inspiration for architecture for the modern world?
In 1923, Le Corbusier published his seminal book Vers une architecture, commonly translated into English as “Towards a New Architecture.” In this book he elucidated his vision for architecture inspired by the emerging modern era, applying the principles of cars, planes, and ships to buildings.

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