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Bridget Jones’s Diary narrative and conventions


Words: 1263 (6 pages)

Bridget Jones’s Diary (Sharon Maguire, 2001) was originally a novel by Helen Fielding and became an extremely successful film when it was released as a romantic comedy. The film made around i??41 million in the UK alone. The storyline is funny, romantic and also safe, in that the audience knows that there will be a…

Analysis of “A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove” by James Maloney


Words: 1285 (6 pages)

James Maloney’s novel A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove is beautifully crafted and achingly honest exploration of the transformative power of love. Maloney uses language techniques, such as imagery, characterisation, symbolism, themes and figurative language. This entices the reader into, positions them to feel and think ways about the characters and is given to inform the…

“Bridge over the River Kwai” Is an Anti-war Film


Words: 462 (2 pages)

The movie revolves around the theme of war’s futility and insanity. It narrates the story of two Colonels, one British and one Japanese, originating from diverse cultures with distinct leadership approaches. Despite their disparities, both men exhibit many similarities and an unwavering dedication to their authoritative roles, taking immense pride in them. Personally, I interpret…

Mayor Of Casterbridge By Hardy Analysis


Words: 694 (3 pages)

Hardy’s The Mayor of Casterbridge does an excellent job of displayingCasterbridge’s realistic Western England setting through the architecturalbuildings, the behavior of the townspeople, and the speech used throughout thenovel. All of these aspects combined provide a particular environment Hardycalled “Wessex” which infuses the work with reality and a life. Thelove which Hardy had, for architecture,…

Cambridge CELTA Assignment


Words: 1089 (5 pages)

My student’s name is Corrado, he’s 42 years old and his L1 is Italian. He is an entrepreneur. In fact, he owns a bar where he works with two friends. However, he doesn’t need English at work as I thought. He loves to travel and that’s the main reason for him to learn English: he’s…

Research Proposal on Padma Bridge


Words: 1163 (5 pages)

Executive summary The Padma Bridge is a very important scheme of Bangladesh for its development. It will not only bring about infrastructural development but also enhance economic and social welfare of the people of the connected areas. It will save many lives for it will replace the unsafe ferry journeys. However, there had remained some…

Brooklyn Bridge Research Paper


Words: 501 (3 pages)

The Brooklyn Bridge The Brooklyn Bridge, also known as the East River Bridge, is a famous bridge in New York City. It crosses the East River and is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. It is the only link between Brooklyn and Manhattan and was once considered the longest suspension bridge…

It Glossary of Terms – Cie O Level (Cambridge Gce)


Words: 932 (4 pages)

Array – Set of storage locations referenced by a single identifier. Assembler – A program or software that converts assembly language mnemonics into machine code. Assembly language – A programming language where mnemonics are used instead of machine code. 11. ATD Conversion – Analogue-to-Digital Conversion. The conversion of analogue signals to digital signals using an…

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster


Words: 355 (2 pages)

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was originally built between November 1938 and 1 July 1940 in order to connect Seattle and Tacoma with Puget Sound Navy Yard (University of Washington, n. p.). It took two years of designing and construction before the said bridge, which was deemed to be the third largest span in the world…

A Semiotic Analysis: an Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge



Words: 1725 (7 pages)

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge is a short story set during the American Civil War, written by author Ambrose Pierce. The story was later adapted into a short film by director Robert Enrico and became an episode of The Twilight Zone in 1963. Enrico used dialogue and voice-over sparingly, instead relying heavily on the…

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