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Charles Babbage: The Grandfather of Computer Science





Words: 1122 (5 pages)

Charles Babbage was born at Walworth, Surrey England in December 26,1791. He achieved many great efforts and belonged to many really distinguished groups before he died in October 18, 1871. Many people consider him to be the gramps of computing machine scientific discipline due to his great plants with his Difference Engine ( 1821 )…

Best Practice to Employ to Mitigate Malware Effects on a Machine


Words: 599 (3 pages)

Malware is a very wide spread virus that can be run on a remote machine and steal personal information such as email account passwords, bank passwords, credit cards details, etc. This information can be used over the internet to engage in criminal activities or any illegal works. The intruders send the malware in many forms…

The Drawback of Diabetic’s Design

Electrical engineering




mechanical engineering


Words: 1213 (5 pages)

Secondarily, its thickness allows for wear over the life of the clutch. However, that wear results from a fundamental drawback of diabetics design. Since the armature is thick and massive, it has a high inertia, and all of its originally stationary mass must be “spun up” to match the rapidly rotating pulley and friction disk…

Compounding of Steam Turbine



mechanical engineering



Physical chemistry

Words: 3937 (16 pages)

Steam Turbine is a type of turbo machine. Turbo machine are those devices in which energy is transferred either to or from, a continuously flowing fluid by the dynamic action of one or more moving blade rows. In steam turbine energy is transferred from fluid to blade rows and is decreasing along the flow directions….

Robotics Research and Industrial Application








Words: 697 (3 pages)

Robotics research and industrial application will eventually result in loss of employment and of human control on critical machines. The claims that robotics makes work environment safer and less stressful are only serving the interests of industry that has invested large sums of money on Robotics. Although this is the argument most people have always…

Space Mouse – Pointing Device in Computing



Computer Engineering

Computer Science



Words: 5508 (23 pages)

In computing, a mouse is a pointing device that functions by detecting two-dimensional motion relative to its supporting surface. Physically, a mouse consists of an object held under one of the user’s hands, with one or more buttons. The mouse sometimes features other elements, such as “wheels”, which allow the user to perform various system-dependent…

Petrol and Diesel Combustion






mechanical engineering


Words: 396 (2 pages)

INTRODUCTION Conventional diesel and petrol are both produced from mineral oil, but using different refining methods. While diesel is in principle easier to refine than gasoline, it needs to be cleaned from more pollutants to ensure that tailpipe emissions remain as low as possible. However, diesel contains more energy than petrol and the vehicle’s engine…

The Heavy Equipment Division in Detroit Community





Net present value



Words: 956 (4 pages)

The Heavy Equipment division of the Automotive Supplier group of the Wriston Manufacturing Corporation is a large axle and brake manufacturer having three broad product lines which are being manufactured in its nine plants. The Detroit Plant which is the oldest plant of HED has been operating at low profitability level for the past few…

Pelton Wheel Turbine

Chemical Engineering

Civil engineering


mechanical engineering




Words: 371 (2 pages)

Performance Characteristics of Belton Wheel (Impulse Purpose: To investigate typical performance characteristics of an impulse turbine. Apparatus: Ramified Belton Turbine, Ramified Hydraulics Bench and digital tachometer. Sketch a labeled schematic diagram of the apparatus. Theory and Definitions: (Ref. Munson/Young/Schools A Brief Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, 3/e, p. 479) 1. Ideal power and efficiency From 1…

Socio-Technical Aspects of Therac-25 Analysis

Food and Drug Administration

Health Care






Words: 991 (4 pages)

Therac-25 Just like any other technology, Therac-25 too had its socio-technical aspects. It was an extremely costly machine with high maintenance needs. This resulted in everyone from the manufacturers, to FDA, to hospitals and operators assuming that it was a fail-safe machine, especially since its earlier versions had been working successfully for years. However, the…

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How do machines help us?
Machines make work easier by increasing the amount of force that is applied, increasing the distance over which the force is applied, or changing the direction in which the force is applied. That's because a machine doesn't change the amount of work and work equals force times distance.
What is machine explain?
noun. an apparatus consisting of interrelated parts with separate functions, used in the performance of some kind of work: a sewing machine. a mechanical apparatus or contrivance; mechanism. Mechanics. a device that transmits or modifies force or motion.
What is the importance of machines in our life paragraph?
We use machines in our day to day life to make our life easier. Machines can carry out our tasks in a faster, quicker, and more efficient way. Our phones, laptops, refrigerators, microwaves, etc. are all examples of machines which help us in carrying out various tasks with ease.

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