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The Atomic Mass of Beanium


Words: 790 (4 pages)

How are isotopes of an element different from one another? How are they the same? (10 points) Isotopes make up an element, and therefore will have the same number of protons. Isotopes are different from one another because they will have different neutrons. 2. Are mass number and atomic mass the same thing? Why or…

Weapons of Mass Destruction


Nuclear weapon

Words: 1607 (7 pages)

INTRODUCTION Prepared by Laura Reed, Security Studies Program, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA The dangers posed by weapons of mass destruction have come to occupy center stage in international politics. The term “weapon of mass destruction” (WMD) is used to characterize a variety of weapons that share two key features: their potential for large-scale destruction and…

Formula for molecular mass flash card


Words: 822 (4 pages)

Within most solid materials a current arise from the flow of electrons, which is called electronic conduction. In all conductors, semiconductors, and many insulated materials only electronic conduction exists, and the electrical conductivity is strongly dependent on the number of electrons available to participate to the conduction process. Most metals are extremely good conductors of…

Tachyon or Dromotron – Hypothetical Particle




Words: 480 (2 pages)

Tachyons are more like metaphysical particles with imaginary mass and speed that’s faster than light. This particle got the name from Greek word tachys which means swift particle and was coined by Gerald Feinberg in 1967. Here’s the thought experiment: A certain Science lab on Pluto has an emitter and a detector, and so does…

Weapons of Mass Instruction – John Taylor Gatto


Words: 1347 (6 pages)

Weapons of Mass Instruction, is a book written by John Taylor Gatto, that 5touches extensively on what he considers to be negative aspects of the public school system. Gatto sees the compulsory public schooling as a tool used in orchestrating the development of a mediocrely minded population that is highly manageable due to the lack…

Weapons Of Mass Destruction Research Paper


Nuclear weapon

Words: 3311 (14 pages)

Weapons Of Mass Destruction Essay, Research Paper Title: Weapons Description: arms of mass destructi Body: War has been a driving factor in human being since the morning of clip, it has ever been with us. War has influenced scientific discipline every bit good, it has forced the development of arms, from the first bone nines…

Weapons of Mass Instruction


Words: 2084 (9 pages)

The writer’s primary thesis that the maker design to develop and analyzing that has taken over United provinces instruction and analyzing for 100 decennaries is strangulating the creativity and important sing old ages of childs. Weaponry of mass direction is drawn-out on analysis, but brief on important options. Gatto was a former teacher at New…

Butane Molar Mass Lab


Words: 735 (3 pages)

ABSTRACT Butane is a colorless gas with the molecular formula of C6H10 and is considered to be an Alkane. An Alkane is when the compound is formed by single bonds connecting the carbons and hydrogens. Butane was discovered by Dr. Walter Snellings in Pittsburg and he gas is used for cigarette lighters, heaters, stove fuels,…

Stars And Galaxies Research Paper Stars




mechanical engineering


Theory of relativity

Words: 728 (3 pages)

Stars And Galaxies Essay, Research Paper Stars and galaxies began to organize about one billion old ages following the Big Bang, and since so the existence has merely continued to turn larger and ice chest, making conditions conducive to life. Three first-class grounds exist for believing in the big-bang theory. First, and most obvious, the…

Your Bones in Space



Words: 1296 (6 pages)

Hypogravitational Osteoporosis: A review of literature. By Lambert Titus Parker. May 19 1987. Osteoporosis: a condition characterized by an absolute decrease in theamount of bone present to a level below which it is capable of maintainingthe structural integrity of the skeleton. To state the obvious, Human beings have evolved under Earth’s gravity”1G”. Our musculoskeleton system…

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