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Addition of Vectors Lab Report




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The purpose of this experiment is to show that the magnitude and direction of the resultant of several forces acting on a particle may be determined by drawing the proper vector diagram and that the particle is in equilibrium when the resultant force is zero. Principles RABx = Ax + Bx RABy = Ay +…

Application of Physics in Medicine



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Application Of Physics In Medicine Medical physics is generally speaking the application of physics concepts, theories and methods to medicine. A medical physics department may be based in either a hospital or a university. Clinical medical physicists are often found in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology. However, areas of specialty are widely varied in scope…

Initial Velocity of a Projectile



mechanical engineering



Theory of relativity

Words: 841 (4 pages)

Lab #3: Initial Velocity of a Projectile Theory: How can we determine the initial velocity of a projectile? Experimental Design: The purpose behind this experiment was to determine the initial velocity of a projectile. Projection motion consists of kinematics of motion in the x and y directions. With two dimension kinematics, there are the x…

Physics Behind Roller Coasters


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Physics behind roller coasters Energy can be converted from one from to another. When the car is still, the energy which is acting on it is GPE (gravitational potential energy). The car starts to accelerate towards the peak. The energy is converted from GPE to Kinetic energy. The car is at the peak. The energy…

The Physics of a golf Ball



Words: 1680 (7 pages)

The first written reference of golf was in 1457. Golf balls have had extraordinary changes since that time; they’ve gone from leather pouches to dried gum to today’s dimpled balls. These dimples help decrease the drag and increase the lift. Different forces are applied to the golf ball when struck by the club. Golf clubs…

Wave-Particle Duality

Atomic physics


Physical chemistry


Quantum mechanics



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The study of the nature of light is an important research area in modern physics. Many, including the theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, have contributed to theories involving light. Of these, the wave-particle duality is arguably the most strange and noteworthy concept in the field. Throughout history, some physicists have argued that light behaves as a…

The Normality of Oxalate Ions


Vitamin C

Words: 493 (2 pages)

Introduction Guavas are plants in the Myrtle family (Imprecate) generousness (meaning “pomegranate” in Latin), histrionics about 100 species of tropical shrub. On ripening turns yellow in color. Rich in vitamin C, this fruit is a resource of oxalate ions whose content varies during different stages of ripening. Guavas have a pronounced and typical fragrance, similar…

Hot Air Balloon Report




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Block Mrs. Sneed Hot Air Balloon Report Hot air balloons fill up slowly and then rise in the sky. Two important principles of physics: the ideal gas law and Archimedes’ principle are the reasons hot air balloons fly. The mathematical relationship between the volume pressure and the temperature of a gas is called the ideal…

Einsteinian Special Relativity vs Newtonian Physics


Words: 1912 (8 pages)

The Rise of Einsteinian Special Relativity In 1905, Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity was proposed. The reason that it is so “special” is because it was part of the more complex and extensive Theory of General Relativity, which was published in 1915. His theory reshaped the world of physics when it contradicted all previous laws…

The Physics Behind Roller Coasters


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The Physics Behind Roller Coasters To understand how a roller coaster works, you have to understand some of the physics behind it. To get the marble to start moving, gravity works to increase its velocity. Velocity is the speed of an object in a certain direction. The angle that the track is inclined at helps…

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Physics is the natural science that studies matter, its fundamental constituents, its motion and behavior through space and time, and the related entities of energy and force. Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines, and its main goal is to understand how the universe behaves.

Equilibrium: equilibrium, in physics, the condition of a system when neither its state of motion nor its internal energy state tends to change with time. … An equilibrium is unstable if the least departure produces forces that tend to increase the displacement. An example is a ball bearing balanced on the edge of a razor blade.,

Magnitude: In physics, magnitude is described in simple words as ‘distance or quantity’. It shows the direction or size that is absolute or relative in which an object moves in the sense of motion. It is used to describe the size or extent of something. Generally, in physics, magnitude relates to distance or quantity.

Physics Books: The Feynman Lectures on Physics, The Elegant Universe, A Brief History of Time, QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter, Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, Six easy pieces, Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!, The Physics Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained, The Order of Time, The Theoretical Minimum: What You Need to Know to Start Doing Physics, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Principles of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum: Einstein, Bohr, and the Great Debate About the Nature of Reality, In Search of Schrödinger’s Cat, What is Real? The Unfinished Quest for the Meaning of Quantum Physics, The Feynman Lectures on Physics, QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter, The Elegant Universe,

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