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Liberal Bias in media


Media bias

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Plain and simple, Media is bias. In anyway that you would like to put it, this statement is a fact. The country always seems to have something to say about media depending on the current events happening at the time. If it’s a republican, the media is too left-winged, and if it’s a democrat, then…

To what extent does bias exist in the U. K. media?


Media bias

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The tremendous growth in the mass media, during the post war years, has meant that people are able to get many different view points on the news and with all these opinions thrown at the audience, to create their own opinion. Or does it? In the 1800’s when the first newspapers arrived on the scene,…

Journalistic integrity


Media bias

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The Media’s Role in Informing the Public“‘We do not often print everything we know,’” reveals David Lawerence, publisher of the Miami Herald (qtd. in Valente 4). There is a contrast between printing everything that is known, selecting information to disregard, and presenting information that is simply false. This difference has an impact on society. Media…

Competitive Sports

Media bias


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Competitive Sports Competitive sports for both men and women is an issue, which has dominated sports’ news especially in the United States of America and Britain.  The inclusion of women in competitive sports dates back to the onset of competitive sports itself although the issue of equality between men and women has always come up. …

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