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Moral Theology – Premarital Sex

Premarital sex


Words: 3513 (15 pages)

INTRODUCTION Once, a long time ago when the majority of men were still misogynists and women didn’t have the right to vote, sex was a serious discussion and a deed purely done by married men and women. Nowadays even seven year old kids know and do it. Premarital sex or a sexual relationship with the…

Travour Youth Ministry Assignment

Premarital sex


Words: 2113 (9 pages)

If the church is to minister to them n a God-honoring way, then the church needs to have a right understanding of the various crises they are struggling with. This work, therefore, seeks to point out and explain the various crises that Zimmermann youths are struggling with. Knowledge of these crises will enable the church…

Essay about Marriage Realtionships


Premarital sex

Words: 432 (2 pages)

In marriage realtionships we expected to learn a number of things including the comprimises couple must make with respect to such things as careers, finances, and children. Our initial impressions were that couples must be willing to make these sacrifices in order to have a long and fulfilling relationship with their spouse. In our discussion…

Pilgrims and Puritans in History


Premarital sex

Words: 552 (3 pages)

In the article, it states, “Most restrictions on dress which were imposed were for purposes of class differentiation rather than for ascetic reasons” (Wilson). This statement showed that you would be TABLE to see what social class they were in just by their appearance. People of a higher class were TABLE to wear their hair…

Premarital Sex in Christian View


Premarital sex

Words: 1440 (6 pages)

Views Growing up in a devoted Christian family was not a bad idea after all. I learned lots of positive and negative insights that are applicable to my life. There are pros and cons that I can learn and opens my perspective of how sexuality is different in two different environments. Meanwhile, there was such…

Early Motherhood is Good or Bad


Premarital sex

Words: 620 (3 pages)

Nowadays, our society still facing the very problem with regard to early motherhood. As we all know, the cause of this early motherhood is the premarital sex. We cannot deny the fact that today’s, sexual intercourse is just a common topic for lovers, friends, parents and their children. However, the parent should be the one…

Frequently Asked Questions about Premarital sex

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Is having premarital sex normal?
Even among those who abstained from sex until 20 or beyond, 81% have had premarital sex by 44, the survey shows. ... "Premarital sex is normal behavior for the vast majority of Americans, and has been for decades," says researcher Lawrence Finer, director of domestic research at the Guttmacher Institute, in a news release.
What does God say about premarital sex?
What is written about sex before marriage in the Bible comes predominantly from the book of 1 Corinthians, written by Paul. 1 Corinthians 6:18-20 says “Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.
What is the issue of premarital sex?
Premarital sexual behaviour may lead several health problems i.e. sexually transmitted infections (STIs), human immune virus and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS), unwanted pregnancies (especially teenage pregnancy), unsafe abortions, emotional disturbances, baby dumping and maternal deaths (United Nations ...

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