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Premarital Sex – Argumentative


Words: 622 (3 pages)

                                           An Argumentative Essay On Premarital Sex Reconciling the diverse opinions on the issue of premarital sex is not a task that be achieved without engaging in a critical analytical reasoning. To a great extent, the disparity in views on premarital sex is a function of the different cultures and moral templates of people across…

Sexual Fantasies


Words: 684 (3 pages)

Sexual fantasies are whimsical flights of the imagination about sexual encounters and desires. Moreover, these sexual fantasies are mostly some of the things that we desire but know we are not capable of doing in the real world. (BBC, 2008) These may include fantasizing about having sex in public, being either dominant or submissive during…

The Kinsey Scale: Sexual Orientation


Sexual orientation

Words: 1267 (6 pages)

?Sex was such a horrible topic to talk about, but a biologist of Indiana University introduced a scale that broke the silence. The silence changed due to this biologist named Alfred C. Kinsey (1894-1956). Kinsey broke the silence because before the scale everyone would keep their sexual orientation to themselves and most likely did not…

Karyotype: Sex Chromosomes


Words: 1224 (5 pages)

PRACTICAL 1: HUMAN KARYOTYPING LAB INTRODUCTION The complete set of chromosomes in the body cell of a species is known as karyotype. Karyotype is a test to identify and evaluate the size, shape, and number of chromosomes in a sample of body cells. Any abnormalities such as extra, missing, or abnormal positions of chromosome pieces…

The sexual response cycle




Words: 1142 (5 pages)

The sexual response cycle The term ‘sexual response cycle’ was first used by William Masters and Virginia Johnson (1966) to describe the bodily responses or the changes in the body of men and women when they become sexually aroused. There are four identified stages that occur in the sexual response cycle – the excitement stage,…

Mitosis and Meiosis


Cell biology




Sexual reproduction


Words: 320 (2 pages)

Mitosis and meiosis are both important to a living organism because they represent cell divisions that are very important to every living organism because without cell division all living organisms would fail to reproduce, eventually dying out. Cell division plays a very important role in the life cycle of a cell. Mitosis and meiosis are…

Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá: Sex at Down


Words: 966 (4 pages)

Since Darwin’s Origin of the Species, we’ve been told that sexual monogamy comes natural. Mainstream science, as well as religious and cultural institutions, has maintained that men and women evolved in families in which a man’s possessions and protection were exchanged for a woman’s fertility and fidelity. In this groundbreaking book, however, Christopher Ryan and…

Sexual Curiosity Taken from Growing Concerns


Child Development


Words: 451 (2 pages)

I’ve recently started doing child care in my home for several young children and I’ve observed some sexual curiosity that I’m not quite sure what to make of. Can you provide some guidelines about what is normal for young children and any problem signs that I ought to be aware of? Answer: Sexual curiosity is…

Thai Ladyboys Phenomenon Introduction


Gender Role


Words: 679 (3 pages)

In Thailand, the growth of a transgendered female population has led the Thai culture to classify a third gender role, commonly termed ladyboys. The Thai language also uses the terms “kathoey” or “sao praphet song” (meaning ‘second kind of woman’) to categorize this gender role (Winter 2008, 47). A transgendered female is a born male…

Dude You’Re a Fag



Human Sexuality

Interpersonal Relationships

Intimate relationships



Words: 1375 (6 pages)

DUDE YOU’RE A FAG REVIEW BY John Denora High school, the best years of your life with everyday shaping and molding you from a feminine boy to becoming a respectable masculine adult, in truth its surviving everyday without being called a fag. In C. J. Pascoe’s ethnography she examines the dynamics of masculinity carefully exploring…

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