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Preston Resources Debt Case


Words: 764 (4 pages)

In April 2002 Preston Resources submitted a restructuring plan for the secured debt of its main subsidiary “Bulong Operations Pty. Ltd. (BOP)”. The debt mainly consisted of $185 million in senior secured notes, Working capital loans and hedging contracts owed to Barclays. To avoid a liquidation of BOP, the plan had to be approved by…

A Holistic Approach to Acquisition of Strategic Resources


Words: 1345 (6 pages)

Since the early 1990s, there has been a shift of emphasis in strategic management research from external factors to internal resources. According to the resource-based view (RBV) (Amit and Schoemaker, 1993; Barney, 1991; Lippman and Rumelt, 1982; Peteraf, 1993; Reed and DeFillippi, 1990; Wernerfelt, 1984), resources constitute the main source of sustainable competitive advantages. The…

Allocation of Resources



Words: 436 (2 pages)

Economics is the allocation of scarce resources among competing ends. To some extent, virtually everything is scarce – money, food, water, dates for the prom… but some resources are scarcer than others, and deserve special attention from those with the tools to allocate them properly. Basically scarce resources can be defined as the limit a…

Problem of Shortage of Resources


Words: 685 (3 pages)

Firstly, when people just find new or carious resources, it will increase the dependence on natural resources, but the problem of shortage of resources will be solved immediately. And then, when the problem becomes more and more serious, people have to explore much new and vicarious resources. Besides that, the fundamental solution to solve this…

Middle Eastern Oil Resources – A Curse or a Blessing?


Words: 337 (2 pages)

Much of the current unrest in the Middle East centers on issues related to oil exports. Actually, if one were to look at the history of the Middle East and the global oil market one could point out the crises over Middle East oil have been occurring since the end of World War One. This…

Resources and Capabilities


Words: 2396 (10 pages)

In the market, each of organization has to face with many of competitors. There are many elements could effect to exist and development of a company, and one of the most important elements is the innovation. “Not to innovate is to die” (Freeman, 2005, p. 266). We could define the innovation as “… (innovation) life…

Assignment Using resources for


Words: 3548 (15 pages)

It is truly an emancipators process. ‘ This unit will be using critical reflection in relation to key aspects of resources, as identified below. AAA) Review the benefits and limitations of resources in the delivery of inclusive learning and teaching Due to the diversity in the range of resources that can be used to deliver…

Optimal Allocation of Resources by Obtaining Minimum Costs or Maximum Profit


Words: 1801 (8 pages)

The objective of the algorithm is to determine the optimal resource allocation by obtaining minimum cost or maximum profit. The application receives values from the user (formed as a matrix) and also the type of the problem (maximum profit or minimum cost). The app sets several manipulations on the user’s input and displays him the…

Preserving Natural Resources

Ozone depletion


Words: 1893 (8 pages)

The survival of humanity has always been dependent on functioning ecosystems and our natural resources. In the past hunter/gatherer societies had a low population density and were largely nomadic which gave the environment time to replenish and regenerated any resources that were used. As the population increased and humanity advanced, resources were depleted faster with…

Ocean and Resources

Marine biology


Words: 1341 (6 pages)

Seas and oceans provide various types of resources to human beings and habitats to numerous species of plants and animals. They play very important roles in the economy of a nation and its people. Still, the marine and coastal ecosystems are under severe stress due to human activities. Ocean Resources The ocean is one of…

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