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The practice means to do something feedback the society, economic or natural environments. It is based on the concept of Social Corporate Responsibility which is taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on communities, shareholders, customers, employees and suppliers. For each company, it offers the best practices in different domains. Due to the industries’ pollution and other factors, today, there are the limits of safe and fresh drinking water resources around people’s lives.

Also, there are more and more people around the world using water, the water resources are not always available.

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Coca-Cola bewares of it, so Coca-Cola starts developing the plans to save scarce water and devote to protect safe water. Coca-Cola involves in the water protection and develops environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) programs that support strategic business plans. Coca-Cola starts reducing amount of water for producing the beverages and uses the specific manufacturing processes to recycle water so that recycled water can return to the natural environments.

Also, Coca-Cola cooperates with many countries to work to water stewardship. Coca-Cola India works with the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-HABITAT) to develop the projects which are increase the water supply through rainwater and other techniques to save drinking water. The production lines in Coca-Cola Turkey have a bottling plant with ionized air rinsers which do not use water save huge amount of water per day. Different from Coca-Cola focus on the environmental domains, the best practices of Dell devotes to the societies.

Dell fins out that the big challenges of finding jobs for women. Dell builds the global Woman’s strategy around all the Dell locations to make women develop their talents on working performance. Also, Dell recruits diverse people. The diverse working people can explore the different ideas and innovations. Dell asks to compose the cross-cultural people in a team. In order to work successfully, Dell employees have to take barriers and personal opinions away. “How to they make it” which is a very important issue for Dell employees.

Dell also involves in the hospital systems for helping healthcare. In the traditional ways, people think computers are used for daily routines which is checking mails or finding the resources. Except for the daily routines, Dell offers the technologies for medical organizations to have the best solutions to take care of the patients. For the medical organizations, Dell provides the adequate information for the needed and the information of healthcare management.

Dell operates effective and make medical organizations can control the costs. After Coca-Cola and Dell earn the big profit, they start feed-backing the society or other domains. The practices of each company not only strengthen the society and other domains but also protect the most valuable reputations of the company. The practices from each company are very important to the society and other domains, so they should keep practicing their goals to strengthen and protect the globe.

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