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Essays on Social Problems

Social Problems in the Book “Chartism” By Thomas Carlyle

One of the most salient social problems of the Victorian period was the struggleof the working class. In Chartism by Thomas Carlyle, the problem is outlined; inWilliam Dodds narrative, it is recounted from personal experience. ElizabethGaskells North and South is a fictional account of the very real condition ofEngland. Clearly, questions of social and economic …

Social Problems of India

Social problems in India require deep insight into the rich heritage and culture of the country. It is deep rooted in the Indian heritage and from that is has outgrown to a serious crime prevailing within the boundaries. India is certainly one of the fastest developing nations of the world. It has been more than …

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Social Problems

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Childhood Obesity as One of the Social Problems

There are many various social problems in kids of America today ranging from poverty to drug abuse. One alarming factor that is rapidly exploding is childhood obesity. We have read and discussed Alice Davies’ article, “‘Extra Large,’ Please,” and taken notes on Morgan Spurlock’s documentary, Supersize Me, which describe the alarming social problem of childhood …

Social Problems Among College Students

Do you know that the numbers of students involved in social problems increasing as reported by Ministry of Higher Education? Social problems among college students are the most biggest problem to our government. It cause many bad effect to other teenagers too. One of the bad effect is, it can cause the college students disobey …

Social Problems in Morocco

High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email ftsales. [email protected] com to buy additional rights. http://www. ft. com/cms/s/0/7b24e390-ff19-11db-aff2-000b5df10621. html#ixzz2B012vFqc Morocco fights social problems By Andrew England in Cairo Just off …

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