Social Problems Among College Students

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According to the Ministry of Higher Education, the rise in student involvement in social issues has become a significant challenge for the government and has adverse effects on other teenagers. One notable consequence is college students disregarding regulations. In the subsequent paragraph, we will examine the reasons behind these societal problems, their consequences, and possible resolutions. Numerous elements contribute to students’ active participation in social issues.

When students enter university, they are no longer under their parents’ watchful eyes and can experience newfound freedom without needing parental approval. This independence often leads to forming friendships with individuals from various social circles, resulting in a desire for companionship among college acquaintances. Sadly, many students lack religious education and believe they can behave without facing consequences or engage in any desired behavior. Consequently, these issues have adverse effects on academic performance as excessive socializing replaces studying. Moreover, these problems contribute to disciplinary issues such as class skipping. Arguably the most significant consequence is the strain it places on the students’ relationship with their parents, resulting in feelings of anger and discomfort during interactions with them.

One way to address the issue of zero communication between both parties is for them to peacefully discuss and seek advice from their parents. Additionally, educational institutions should provide counseling services for college students. Through these counseling sessions, students can learn about what went wrong and how to avoid similar situations in the future. Furthermore, colleges should incorporate religious classes or activities as a means to enhance students’ moral values.

The government has the power to tackle this problem by enforcing strict laws and punishments for rebellious teenagers. In essence, there are various factors that contribute to social issues among students, which can have a negative impact on Malaysia’s future generation. If young individuals avoid societal problems, Malaysia will produce a successful Y Generation. It is essential for all parties to collaborate and guarantee that upcoming generations do not waste their lives and potential.

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