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Theatre 104 Study Guide



Words: 1183 (5 pages)

Chapters 15, 16, 17, The Beginning of B’Way, and American Playwrights The very beginning, children playing games and the caves with paintings of animals they hunted Community – life of group more important than the individual Teenage gangs, religious organizations, congregations, military, some teams Collective – individual most important, uses group to further individual’s goals…

Pacific Theatre in World War II


World War II

Words: 2459 (10 pages)

On 1 September 1939 the country of Germany led by Adolf Hitler invaded Poland using blitzkrieg tactics or in other words “lightning war”. As Germany is capturing Europe one country at a time Japan is doing the same except with Asia and Japan is also preparing for the attack of the United States naval base…

Bangarra Dance Theatre



Words: 1197 (5 pages)

Bangarra Dance Theatre – Ochres 1995 Co-Choreographers: Stephen Page and Bernadette Walong Composer: David Page Cultural Consultant: Djakapurra Munyarryun Lighting Design: Joseph Mercurio Set Designer: Peter England A Passion for Dance “For me, I think the importance of going back to the traditional style of dance was that I was able to observe and watch…

Realism versus Epic Theatre


Words: 1853 (8 pages)

The realistic impulse, the desire to reproduce on stage a piece of life faithfully has been persistent over the last hundred years. However reaction against the theatre of psychological realism and of ordinary speech and behaviour was also relentless throughout the twentieth century. In order to explore any form theatre, it is important to understand…

Caryl Churchill’s Cloud Nine, the Theatre of Cruelty and Otherness



Words: 2316 (10 pages)

Caryl Churchill’s Cloud Nine, the Theatre of Cruelty and Otherness             The theatre of cruelty was first theorized by the French dramaturge Antonin Artaud. Artaud first proposed a form of theatre which is able to move away from the traditional textual and scenic representation. Instead of the linguistic struggle for representation, Artaud advocates for an…

Jackson Withrow – Globe Theatre


Words: 330 (2 pages)

Jackson Withrow Period 1 – Historical Information Globe Theatre The Globe Theatre was customary; Shakespeare as well as the Lord Chamberlain’s men rented out the performance space. Known as “The Theatre” in the 1590’s, eventually was renamed and the space given to six shareholders who signed the lease for the new site in 1599, with…

Difference between Greek and Modern Theatres


Words: 1520 (7 pages)

The Difference between Greek and Modern theatres Difference between Greek and Modern Theatres Theatre today as in ancient Greek times is a popular form of entertainment. Today’s theatres share many similarities with the Greek predecessors however they are also very different. There are in fact many differences for example; layout, special effects, seating arrangement, the…

Comparison And Contrast Between Javanese and Balinese form of theatre arts


Words: 2819 (12 pages)

     Comparison And Contrast Between Javanese and Balinese form of theatre arts They say art imitates life. What better example to prove this dictum right than these ancient Indonesian dance rituals that seem to so effectively throw light upon this statement. Indonesian theatre predominantly has to forms of theatrical performances, the Wayang( Shadow puppet) and…

Drama Transition to Eclectic Realism


Words: 1443 (6 pages)

DRAMA Transition to Eclectic Realism provides only amoral observation, while absurdism rejects even the possibility of debate. (Frances Babbage, Augusto Boal). The cynicism of this remark reflects the aberrant attitude towards absurdism, yet there is truth to it. Theatre of the absurd is an esoteric avant-garde style of theatre based on the principles of existentialism…

Impact of Roman & Greek Theatre


Words: 1515 (7 pages)

Introduction As a people we have evolved tenfold from early civilization. We have broken boundaries in almost every aspect of living. From the modifications of cars, to the effortless use of technology, we have created what seems to be a legacy of great achievement and we can only move forward from here on out. In…

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