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The Colorful and Grand Sinulog Festival


Words: 262 (2 pages)

The Sinulog Festival is one of the grandest and most colourful festivals in the Philippines with a very rich history. The main festival is held each year on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City to honor the Santo Nino, or the child of Jesus, who used to be the patron saint of the…

Fairs and Festivals in Bangladesh


Words: 4173 (17 pages)

Introduction: Bangladesh appeared on the world map as an independent and sovereign state on December 16, 1971, following the victory in the War of Liberation with Pakistan. Bangladesh is a member of the United Nations (UN) and its various specialized bodies and agencies, including ESCAP. She is also a member of the Commonwealth of Nations…

Rio Carnival Festival


Words: 686 (3 pages)

Rio De Janeiro Carnival is the actual name of Rio Carnival which is celebrated in Brazil. This grand festival is celebrated for 4 days. It lasts up to Ash Wednesday which comes 40 days before Easter. During this festival we express our joy and elation through music and dance; lots of it. Its commencement is…

Chinese Moon Festival



Words: 281 (2 pages)

The Chinese Moon Festival is on the 15th of the 8th lunar month. It’s also known as the Mid-autumn Festival. Chinese culture is deeply imbedded in traditional festivals. Just like Christmas and Thanksgiving in the West, the Moon Festival is one of the most important traditional events for the Chinese.The Moon Festival is full of…

Sinulog Festival in Cebu Narrative Report


Words: 346 (2 pages)

Cebu, Philippines is widely known for having distinctive commemoration that made an absolute impact to the hearts of people inside and outside the country, especially the Cebuano people enabling them to visit and associate with their union. Among the many celebrations done by the Cebuano’s, is the so called “Sinulog Festival”. It’s the feast of…

Festival Republic and Glastonbury Festival Sample



Words: 2038 (9 pages)

Glastonbury Festival has beconne a world-wide attractive force for music fans and creative persons likewise. In 2009. Bruce Springsteen was added to the long list of Acts of the Apostless ( from Paul McCartney to Oasis ) that have appeared at the festival. It started in 1970 when 1. 500 hippy revelers gathered on a…

Positive And Negative Aspects Of Edinburgh Fringe Festival Tourism



Words: 2956 (12 pages)

Introduction This study will give analysis and explicate different facets of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in footings of public dealingss. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the largest humanistic disciplines festival in the universe, therefore it is of import to carefully see all the facets and chances from a public dealingss position, as it is a…

Philippine Festivals Sample


Words: 2436 (10 pages)

Description: The Sinulog Festival is distinguished by its unusual two-step-forward-and-one-step-backward shuffling, therefore imitating the Holy Child of the shores. The Sinulog is a century-old tradition observed in the Visayas region. The prayer dance is harmonized to the beat of membranophones and cries of “Pit Senor! Viva Sto. Nino!” Ati-than Festival Date of Celebration: 3rd week…

Two Different Festivals Oman And Italy Tourism



Words: 1349 (6 pages)

Harmonizing to Oxford dictionary the definition of festival is A series of different types of public presentations which includes movie show, music, dance, just etc. And it besides occurs in the same topographic point and the same twenty-four hours in one time a twelvemonth. Festival is that things which is the facet of a state….

Agogoro Eyo Festival in Lagos, Nigeria


Words: 3999 (16 pages)

The word Eyo also refers to the costumed dancers known as the masquerade who come out during the festival. The origins of this observance are found in the inner workings of the secret societies in Lagos. It is widely believed that the play is one of the manifestations of the customary African revelry that serves…

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What is festival in simple words?
A festival is a gathering of people to celebrate something. It can also refer to a one day or more when people in a country have a holiday so that they can celebrate something. Festivals may be religious or national. Read More:
Why Is festival important in our life?
Festivals act like stress relievers and help us balance our emotions. More positivity naturally lowers negativity. It also provides an opportunity to reduce friction and brings estranged friends and relatives together in a bond of love. Nothing brings people together like festivals do. Read More:

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